The Power of 3: Help Protect, Participate and Personalize Your Client's Retirement Assets

July 19, 2016

When it comes to saving for retirement in volatile market conditions, clients face a tough question: Should I stay or should I go? Many investors shy away from investing when conditions are rocky.

Performance usually lags behind the markets because investors think with their heart instead of their head. With most clients worried about volatility, it is important to help them protect and grow at the same time, but how?

Five Tech Innovations Advisers Can't Afford to Ignore

July 12, 2016

The wealth management industry is changing fast, but technology is changing faster.

Advisers can't afford to drop the ball now. In a world of constant digital evolution, financial professionals should keep an eye on five innovations that have hit - and are now sticking to - the wealth management industry.


Surviving Chinese Volatility: Why Understanding China Matters

June 21, 2016

China faces many challenges, from high levels of corporate debt and new home inventories to "zombie" state-owned companies and capital outflows. Will these challenges result in a hard landing, or will they contribute to gradual slower growth and greater volatility?

These are important questions for investors because China accounts for about one-third of global growth, a larger share than the US, Europe and Japan combined.

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How to Build a Great Retirement Strategy for Married Clients

June 07, 2016

When it comes to saving for retirement, your married clients face a lot of unique challenges. As a financial professional, you can help take some of the worry out of planning and alleviate a few hurdles when it comes to helping them select the right retirement strategy.

But how can you provide your clients with two-for-the-price of one guaranteed income that won't disinherit a spouse while offering a potentially better value for them and more clients for you?

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How the DOL Fiduciary Rule Could Reshape the ETF Game

May 24, 2016

Exchange-traded funds are among the big winners in the wake of the Department of Labor's new fiduciary standard because of their low cost and their transparency. Could this mean a surge in assets or a new variety of products will enter the market?

Financial advisers, especially those that work within retirement plans, will need to stay a step ahead of this trend in order to remain both compliant and growing.

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Social Security Bootcamp: How to Maximize Social Security Now

May 17, 2016

Social Security represents one piece of the retirement puzzle. The decision of when and how to claim Social Security needs to fit into clients larger retirement income plan.

This webcast, with InvestmentNews contributing editor and resident Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin, will cover how Social Security is claiming rules are changing. As a result of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, retirees will no longer be able to file and suspend their Social Security benefits in order to trigger benefits for a spouse or dependent child while their own retirement benefits continue to grow. Learn what you can still do to help your clients maximize their Social Security benefits.

In addition, she will cover:

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Advisers, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

May 10, 2016

What to Do When Your Business Reaches a Plateau

Sometime in their careers, advisers may feel stalled. Revenue and earnings may be growing slowly or not at all, the daily grind prevents getting out and meeting people - the reason most advisers chose the business in the first place - and little or nothing in the current work environment seems to be changing for the better.

At those times, advisers may think about switching firms. In this exclusive webcast, a team of experts will review the wide range of options now available to advisers considering a move. Key topics to be discussed include:

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The New Rules for Retirement Plan Advice

April 28, 2016

With legislative and regulatory changes looming large, considerable changes are about to impact the world of retirement plan advisers.

To ensure they are delivering top-notch services, retirement plan advisers will be focusing more time and resources on evaluating the overall design of the plans they support, along with the investment line-up and QDIAs offered.

In this live, interactive webcast, we will specifically identify the most important areas of emphasis for plan advisers in 2016, including:

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The Next Generation of Referrals

April 26, 2016

For years, referrals have been the lifeline of new business for financial advisory firms. But some new non-traditional business development strategies and emerging roles within advisory firms are helping to accelerate the number of referrals and new clients an adviser can add to their business.

This webcast will specifically focus on these next generation referral and business development strategies, and will highlight research from several recent InvestmentNews studies and surveys.

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Uncovering International Opportunities Amid Global Market Volatility

April 19, 2016

In today's landscape of divergence, slow growth, and volatility, the global markets are cautious about what the future holds. Despite the anxiety, the current environment makes it a good time to review your strategy, possibly rebalance or consider a new perspective. There are still opportunities for the selective investor.

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When Health Care Costs Derail Retirement: What Advisers Must Know

April 12, 2016

Health care expenses can unravel almost anyone's retirement - putting investing portfolios at risk. Advisory clients have a sense of the potential risk, as evidenced by a recent Harris Poll survey which found that 53% of investors want their financial adviser to talk to them about health care costs in retirement, while only 10% actually have had that conversation.

In this exclusive webcast, our panel of expert speakers will discuss what advisers need to know about this crucial topic and the steps they should consider to help provide the best possible health care and retirement outcomes for their clients.

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Muni ETFs: The Potential Solution for Today's Wild Markets

March 29, 2016

The direction of interest rates is a question mark. Add market volatility and conflicting economic signals and it's easy to understand why many investors are confused, anxious and eager for sensible solutions regarding their portfolios.

In these uncertain times, many investors are finding value in municipal bonds and specifically exchange-traded funds. Join us for a practical discussion on this timely investment in a lively, interactive webcast with Jim Colby, Senior Municipal Strategist and Portfolio Manager of the Van Eck municipal bond ETFs, and Municipal Market Analytics' President, Tom Doe.

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