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Jeff Benjamin

Senior Columnist

Jeff Benjamin

Jeff Benjamin writes InvestmentNews’ bi-weekly On Investing column. He also writes stories related to investments, the economy and the markets. An avid golfer and fisherman, Jeff is a self-professed investment nerd "just trying to make a difference and get paid for it."

Recent Articles

Citi Private Bank adjusts equity allocations with eye toward end of the bull market

Apr 24, 2015

Global CIO Wieting says 'significant market drop' likely by the end of the decade

BlackRock alternative credit fund hopes to play rising rates to its advantage

Apr 24, 2015

Hedging out rate risk puts the focus on credit opportunities ... and manager sees plenty of them ahead

CEOs are passing the buck to the strength of the buck

Apr 24, 2015

Plus: Wall Street splits on Brazil's Petrobras, what it means when an adultery site goes public, and covering the Clinton scandals is becoming a full-time job

Fund expense ratios continue to fall as fund companies get richer

Apr 23, 2015

Flood of money into passively-managed index funds has helped drive average expense ratios down, but there's more to the story

State Street gets the cold shoulder from financial advisers

Apr 23, 2015

Plus: The fracking industry is going down the tubes, Flash Crash arrest highlights regulatory gaps, and welcome to Liberland, the ultimate tax haven

Go-anywhere bond funds not for the faint of heart

Apr 22, 2015

Managers' ability to seek returns in multiple markets sounds great but comes with risks

Bill Gross says he will short the German bund, eventually

Apr 22, 2015

Plus: China's financial risk in focus, active funds get high marks from Morningstar, and dissecting the spending habits of millennials

Bracing for the Greek exit

Apr 21, 2015

Plus: China's gold stash riddle, and Roth IRAs are not for everyone

Investors pile into hedge funds, pushing total assets close to $3 trillion

Apr 20, 2015

Equity hedge category leads investor inflows as performance improves

Carlyle Group misses the mark with liquid alts

Apr 20, 2015

Plus: Gundlach says the market is not prepared for a rate hike, beware the lump-sum pension offer, and looking before leaping into reverse mortgages

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