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Jeff Benjamin

Senior Columnist

Jeff Benjaminhttp://www.investmentnews.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/persbilde?Avis=CI&ID=JBENJAMIN&maxw=220&cci_ts=20160930125148

Jeff Benjamin writes InvestmentNews’ bi-weekly On Investing column. He also writes stories related to investments, the economy and the markets. An avid golfer and fisherman, Jeff is a self-professed investment nerd "just trying to make a difference and get paid for it."

Recent Articles

Hedge funds are becoming irrelevant

Sep 30, 2016

Plus: Morgan Stanley proves Trump correct on market bubbles, the sad story of Sanjay Valvani, and Obamacare moves closer to intensive care

Financial advisers' business models need changing to win over millennial clients: expert

Sep 29, 2016

Products and services geared toward baby boomers won't work for the younger generation, according to a presentation at the IMCA Private Wealth Advisor Conference in Chicago

More dark clouds loom over Wells Fargo

Sep 29, 2016

Plus: DOL rule puts advisers between clients and target-date funds, big dividend yields for those with a strong stomach, and companies lean toward auto-IRAs

Testing the limits of ETF tax efficiency

Sep 28, 2016

Index tweak forces ETF providers to get creative

Morgan Stanley: DOL fiduciary rule turns brokerage business into a buy

Sep 28, 2016

Plus: Trump would dump Yellen, bracing for the next housing bubble, and 401(k) realities that should not be ignored

The downside of negative interest rates

Sep 27, 2016

Plus: DOL rule drives some advisers out of the business, a speculative bet on gold, and don't put this on your resume

Tonight's presidential debate puts the markets on edge

Sep 26, 2016

Plus: The dirt on negative bond yields, long-term investing in a short-term world, and switching banks

DOL fiduciary rule expected to put new pressure on mutual fund expenses

Sep 23, 2016

Some fund share classes could be on the way out, according to a new report

Alan Greenspan is committed to ending Dodd-Frank

Sep 23, 2016

Plus: T. Boone Pickens takes on President Obama's energy policy, how traders navigated the Fed, and starting your day off right

Calling out the Federal Reserve's political leanings

Sep 22, 2016

Plus: The SEC's Leon Cooperman file, clawing back Wells Fargo cash, and saving money is hard for everyone

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