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Mary Beth Franklin

Contributing Editor

Mary Beth Franklin

Mary Beth Franklin is a contributing editor at InvestmentNews. As a nationally recognized expert in Social Security claiming strategies, she is also a frequent public speaker. With a background as a Capitol Hill reporter and a former retirement and tax editor at a national magazine, Mary Beth writes regularly about the latest research and thought leadership on retirement income planning. In her free time she likes to garden, ski, play the piano and travel with her recently retired husband. Her book, “Maximizing Your Clients’ Social Security Retirement Benefits,” is available for purchase.

Recent Articles

How and why to file for Social Security benefits online

Aug 24, 2015

Given long waits on the phone or for in-person appointments, online applications could be the best way to go

Health care costs can derail retirement plans

Aug 19, 2015

Tools can help advisers refine cost projections and reduce Medicare surcharges

Delaying Social Security may boost Medicare costs

Aug 17, 2015

Advisers worry about impact of file-and-suspend strategy on 2016 health-care premiums

Then and now: A look back at Social Security's 80-year history

Aug 10, 2015

The program's anniversary underscores its crucial role in retirement security

Presidential candidates can't ignore Social Security

Aug 5, 2015

Exhaustion of disability trust fund in 2016 should force discussion of long-term financing issues

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment unlikely for 2016

Aug 3, 2015

High-income retirees could see net benefits decline as their Medicare premiums rise

New life insurance study debunks 'buy term, invest the difference'

Jul 28, 2015

Standard advice leaves many Americans underinsured and unprepared for retirement

Social Security claiming strategy short-circuited by excess earnings

Jul 23, 2015

Both older nonworking wife and younger employed husband can lose benefits

I took the test, I talked the talk. Now you can call me a CFP!

Jul 21, 2015

Broader work experience definition allows columnist to use designation

Social Security as a backup plan for single filers

Jul 14, 2015

Claim early if you need to; suspend later if you can afford it

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