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Mark Schoeff Jr.

Reporter: Regulatory / SEC / Taxes

Mark Schoeff Jr.http://www.investmentnews.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/persbilde?Avis=CI&ID=MSCHOEFF&maxw=220&cci_ts=20160430164437

Mark Schoeff Jr. covers Capitol Hill and regulatory agencies for InvestmentNews. A former Senate aide, he’s seen firsthand the best and worst of Washington since the end of the Bush 41 administration. An Indiana native, he’s a victim of capture himself — by the capital’s sport teams — becoming a Nationals, Wizards and Skins fan.

Recent Articles

House overwhelmingly approves bill to expand distribution of ETF research

Apr 29, 2016

Measure would square the safe harbor already provided to mutual funds

House votes to kill DOL fiduciary rule

Apr 28, 2016

But Republicans failed to garner the bipartisan support necessary in both the House and Senate to override a threatened Obama veto

Obama administration vows to veto House resolution to kill DOL fiduciary rule

Apr 27, 2016

President Barack Obama will veto a House resolution designed to kill a Labor Department rule to raise investment-advice standards for retirement accounts, the White House said Wednesday

Lawsuits against fiduciary rule likely to cite DOL's lack of authority

Apr 25, 2016

Based on comment letters and testimony before Congress, a court challenge will probably focus on who brokers really answer to

House committee approves resolution to kill DOL fiduciary rule on party-line vote

Apr 21, 2016

Senate expected to follow suit, but Obama is almost certain to veto it

CFP Board disciplines mark holders over outside business activities, bankruptcies

Apr 20, 2016

The 10 cases brought by the organization also include loans to clients, falsifying standing as a CPA and inappropriate investment advice

Following on Senate's heels, House members introduce resolution to stop DOL fiduciary rule

Apr 19, 2016

While the Labor Department's modifications in the final rule have muted industry opponents for the moment, Congress continues the old fight

An original critic, Finra's Ketchum praises improvements in final DOL fiduciary rule

Apr 15, 2016

The CEO highlights modifications in the way the rule treats existing clients, clarifications regarding variable compensation and the elimination of the list of allowable investments

SEC Investor Advisory Committee calls for better mutual fund fee disclosure

Apr 14, 2016

Group's recommendations include showing fees in dollar amounts on customer account statements

Financial planners foresee little disruption to practices from DOL fiduciary rule

Apr 11, 2016

Three investment advisers who charge fees, commissions and by the hour for their services don't anticipate big changes at their firms

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