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Jeff Benjamin

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Jeff Benjamin

Jeff Benjamin writes InvestmentNews’ bi-weekly On Investing column. He also writes stories related to investments, the economy and the markets. An avid golfer and fisherman, Jeff is a self-professed investment nerd "just trying to make a difference and get paid for it."

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Sep 2, 2015

Plus: Social beliefs don't belong in your retirement account, OPEC is playing chicken, and an unfortunate Illinois lottery winner gets an IOU

As stock market enters correction, some advisers look to buy

Sep 1, 2015

Recent volatility, which continued Monday, has been a cold reminder of why stocks are generally considered long-term investments

Go-anywhere bond funds have failed to go anywhere positive over the past year

Sep 1, 2015

Plus: Oil finds its stride, how to play the emerging markets, and the worst excuse for being late for work

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Aug 31, 2015

The upside and downside of sitting on the sidelines

Closed-end funds rise to the surface following the market mess

Aug 31, 2015

Plus: How the Fed members view a September rate hike, some retail brokerage firms were overwhelmed by the market mayhem, and applying back-to-school traditions to your job

That awkward moment when the Fed realizes it can't raise interest rates

Aug 28, 2015

Plus: Oil prices spike, funds that play good defense, and the skinny on the ETF flash crash

Making bigger bets with smaller portfolios

Aug 27, 2015

A fund with a limited number of stocks might outperform in volatile markets

In hindsight, China's market meltdown wasn't really that bad

Aug 27, 2015

Plus: How the Fed usually responds to market dips, currencies might be for you, and let market history be your guide

Wild market ride creating entry points for long-term investors

Aug 26, 2015

Volatility is a reminder to investors that markets move in both directions

Gloom overshadows Wall Street, but some economists still see a September rate hike

Aug 26, 2015

Plus: The SEC blindly jumps on the equal-pay bandwagon, Obamacare's Cadillac Tax threatens flexible spending plans, marijuana tourism takes off, and Joe Biden attracts hedge fund backers

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