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Joe Duran

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Clash of the titans: Bionic advisers vs. robo-advisers

Dec 4, 2014

Robos will force a change in the financial landscape, especially in pricing and democratization of knowledge, but they won't necessarily be the winners of the new era

Hard truths for bosses: When you're the problem, not the solution

Nov 20, 2014

United Capital's CEO on how to remove old biases, tear down the walls and reject old habits.

Big 3 business catastrophes: How to cope with a shock to the system

Oct 30, 2014

We can all be blindsided by scary surprises, which aren't usually conveniently aligned with what we prepare for. But we can be.

The big squeeze: End of the golden era

Sep 12, 2014

Four formidable forces are developing to take assets from the standalone local advisory firm and they are quietly building momentum

6 books that changed Joe Duran's life

Aug 11, 2014

Short reads that have ideas that might alter your perspective and make you a better, more fulfilled person