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Mark Schoeff Jr.

Reporter: Regulatory / SEC / Taxes

Mark Schoeff Jr.

Mark Schoeff Jr. covers Capitol Hill and regulatory agencies for InvestmentNews. A former Senate aide, he’s seen firsthand the best and worst of Washington since the end of the Bush 41 administration. An Indiana native, he’s a victim of capture himself — by the capital’s sport teams — becoming a Nationals, Wizards and Skins fan.

Recent Articles

CFP Board eliminates government relations position

Apr 24, 2015

Move comes as advice issues getting congressional attention

Financial industry asks DOL for more time on fiduciary rule

Apr 23, 2015

Groups say they need an extra 45 days above the 75-day comment period to respond

State regulators to require continuity plans

Apr 22, 2015

Model rule outlining policies investment advisers should have in place in case of natural disasters or death will need to be adopted by individual states

Regulators' caution on complex products masks value

Apr 20, 2015

Advocates say education, transparency better than a regulatory crackdown on alternatives

Finra board approves changes to public communication rules

Apr 16, 2015

Parts that would be excised include the filing of generic investment company material and shareholder reports

House passes two tax-reform bills

Apr 16, 2015

Legislation would repeal estate tax, make state, local sales tax deductions permanent

Labor Department proposes controversial fiduciary rule

Apr 14, 2015

With approval from the Office of Management and Budget, the rule now moves into a comment period

What a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for financial advisers

Apr 10, 2015

With talk she'll announce her candidacy this weekend, questions arise about Ms. Clinton's take on fiduciary standards in advice, and what her tax policies and SEC budget would look like

SEC panel calls for a single database to run background checks on all financial professionals

Apr 9, 2015

Recommends making it easier for investors to track securities violations by advisers and brokers

SEC goes after firm for fraud tied to life settlements

Apr 8, 2015

The regulator alleges Pacific West Capital Group mislead investors about risks associated with the investments

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