Numbers Game

Best- and worst-performing international funds

By category, ranked by one-year total returns

Oct 20, 2018 @ 6:00 am

By Ellie Zhu

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
PIMCO StocksPLUS International Fd (DH);Inst (PISIX)7.45%12.82%8.74%0.84%$1,791.40
State Street Hedged Internatl Developed Eq Idx;K (SSHQX)6.84%10.27%N/A0.20%$3,258.40
MFS International Diversification Fund;I (MDIJX)6.70%11.75%6.10%0.91%$5,683.10
Catholic Investor International Equity Fund;I (KCIIX)6.01%13.49%N/A1.10%$72.20
Pear Tree Polaris Foreign Val Fd;Ord (QFVOX)5.29%11.13%6.47%1.41%$856.50
Tweedy Browne Global Value Fund (TBGVX)5.28%8.56%5.50%1.36%$9,499.70
Parametric International Equity Fund;Inst (EIISX)3.78%10.39%5.75%0.50%$108.60
iShares Edge MSCI Mltfctr Intl Index Fnd;K (BKIMX)3.74%N/AN/A0.30%$11.80
Dreyfus Diversified International Fund;I (DFPIX)3.53%9.48%4.73%0.99%$29.30
Parametric Tax-Managed International Eqty Fd;Inv (ETIGX)3.43%9.63%5.04%1.05%$19.80
Bottom 5
EuroPac International Value Fund;A (EPIVX)-11.16%5.66%-4.87%1.75%$55.10
Tocqueville International Value Fund (TIVFX)-4.35%8.29%5.88%1.26%$1,239.70
GMO Tax-Managed International Equities Fund;III (GTMIX)-3.63%6.39%2.14%0.70%$52.40
STAAR International Fund (SITIX)-3.00%5.60%-1.52%3.08%$1.80
Swan Defined Risk Foreign Developed Fund;I (SDJIX)-2.39%N/AN/A1.84%$43.60
Classification total/average0.90%8.47%4.09%1.00%$617,233.30
MSCI ACWI EX US IMI TR2.26%10.64%4.86%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
BlackRock Emerging Markets Equity Strat Fund;Inst (BEFIX)9.11%N/AN/A1.31%$7.20
Virtus KAR Emerging Markets Small-Cap Fund;I (VIESX)7.36%16.01%N/A1.63%$27.00
Voya Russia Fund;A (LETRX)7.21%15.97%0.96%2.00%$71.80
American Beacon Acadian EM Mgd Volatility Fund;Y (ACDYX)7.06%7.70%3.02%1.45%$25.50
PIMCO RAE Low Volatility PLUS EMG Fd;Institutional (PLVLX)6.68%14.50%N/A1.27%$916.70
Janus Henderson Emerging Markets Managed Vol Fd;D (JOLDX)5.10%9.81%N/A1.22%$5.60
T Rowe Price Institutional Afr & Middle East Fund (TRIAX)4.23%5.12%3.30%1.21%$174.70
Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East Africa Fund (FEMEX)4.14%11.66%2.70%1.39%$87.00
T Rowe Price Africa & Middle East Fund (TRAMX)4.07%4.74%2.86%1.42%$126.30
TOBAM Emerging Markets Fund;I (TBMIX)3.79%N/AN/A1.10%$49.70
Bottom 5
Templeton Frontier Markets Fund;A (TFMAX)-17.69%0.70%-4.70%2.01%$36.40
Morgan Stanley Frontier Markets Portfolio;I (MFMIX)-14.45%0.66%0.44%1.73%$427.40
HSBC Frontier Markets Fund;I (HSFIX)-13.75%3.46%2.69%1.50%$10.80
Fiera Capital Emerging Markets Fund;Investor (RIMIX)-12.71%9.20%6.25%1.62%$146.30
Brown Advisory - Somerset Emerging Markets Fd;Inst (BAFQX)-12.37%4.97%0.64%1.17%$434.00
Classification total/average-4.08%9.86%2.68%1.40%$369,580.40
MSCI EM (Emerging Markets) TR USD-0.44%12.76%3.99%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Horizon Active Dividend Fund;Investor (HNDDX)13.11%N/AN/A1.12%$29.70
Steward Global Equity Income Fund;Inst (SGISX)11.68%15.79%11.09%0.68%$235.40
Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund (GAINX)10.97%12.36%8.15%0.68%$9.80
O'Shaughnessy Enhanced Dividend Fund;I (OFDIX)10.63%14.88%4.64%0.99%$10.30
QS Global Dividend Fund;IS (LDIFX)9.98%10.82%8.95%0.76%$349.10
Nuveen Santa Barbara Global Dividend Growth Fd;I (NUGIX)9.08%11.86%8.28%0.90%$10.10
Dreyfus Global Equity Income Fund;I (DQEIX)8.35%12.18%8.58%0.92%$276.10
Crow Point Global Tactical Allocation Fund;Inv (CGHAX)8.33%5.18%2.49%1.26%$1.80
Aberdeen Dynamic Dividend Fund;Institutional (ADVDX)8.09%12.06%9.08%1.38%$150.00
Guggenheim World Equity Income Fund;A (SEQAX)8.01%11.03%7.16%1.24%$68.10
Bottom 5
Janus Henderson Global Eqty Income Fund;C (HFQCX)-2.76%6.09%3.29%1.85%$1,067.90
Federated Global Strategic Value Dividend Fd;R6 (GVDLX)-0.22%N/AN/A0.85%$1.10
Voya International High Dividend Low Vol Fd;A (VGLAX)0.37%N/AN/A0.85%$4.70
American Funds Capital Income Builder;A (CAIBX)0.91%7.25%5.53%0.59%$67,007.70
BlackRock Global Dividend Portfolio;Inst (BIBDX)1.44%9.47%6.52%0.75%$1,591.00
Classification total/average4.16%9.26%6.09%1.20%$133,244.60
MSCI World High Dividend Yield TR5.75%11.98%7.54%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
PIMCO Intl Bond Fund (US Dollar-Hedged);Inst (PFORX)2.94%4.36%5.02%0.56%$6,034.50
DFA World ex US Government Fixed Income Ptfl;Inst (DWFIX)2.74%3.17%4.42%0.20%$1,103.00
CGCM International Fixed Income Fund (TIFUX)2.39%3.97%3.79%1.01%$144.60
Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund;Adm (VTABX)2.22%2.86%3.65%0.11%$43,083.20
AB FlexFee International Bond Portfolio;Advisor (FFIYX)1.67%N/AN/A0.20%$45.60
T Rowe Price International Bond Fd (USD Hgd) (TNIBX)1.44%N/AN/A0.59%$4,569.70
SEI International Fixed Income Fund;F (SEFIX)1.38%2.50%3.09%1.08%$436.20
PGIM International Bond Fund;R6 (PXBQX)1.33%N/AN/A0.74%$26.60
Azzad Wise Capital Fund (WISEX)1.23%1.50%1.64%1.29%$115.30
Fidelity Series International Credit Fund (FCDSX)0.92%N/AN/A0.01%$99.70
Bottom 5
Wells Fargo International Bond Fund;Inst (ESICX)-5.75%0.71%-0.97%0.70%$253.20
BrandywineGLOBAL - Intl Opportunities Bond Fund;IS (LMOTX)-4.51%3.66%1.26%0.65%$37.20
Oppenheimer International Bond Fund;A (OIBAX)-4.20%3.30%1.60%1.00%$1,081.80
EuroPac International Bond Fund;A (EPIBX)-3.62%2.15%-2.57%1.15%$39.00
Dunham International Opportunity Bond Fund;A (DAIOX)-3.53%0.99%N/A1.79%$3.60
Classification total/average-1.81%2.86%1.20%0.91%$169,467.20
Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate ex U.S. TR-1.45%2.40%-0.33%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Ashmore Emerging Markets Short Duration Fund;Inst (ESFIX)0.95%11.65%N/A0.67%$344.80
Finisterre Unconstrained Emerging Mkts Bd Fd;Inst (PFUMX)0.60%N/AN/A1.13%$28.40
Franklin Emerg Market Debt Opptys Fund (FEMDX)0.56%7.92%4.14%1.01%$503.70
PIMCO Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fd;Inst (PEMIX)0.03%7.15%3.00%0.92%$135.00
DoubleLine Low Dur Em Mkts Fixed Income;N (DELNX)-0.50%3.13%N/A0.84%$18.40
T Rowe Price Emerging Markets Corporate Bond;Inv (TRECX)-0.64%6.42%4.51%0.84%$52.00
Payden Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund;SI (PYCIX)-0.86%5.55%N/A0.85%$41.20
Voya Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Fund;P (IMCDX)-0.94%5.67%5.12%0.10%$104.30
Ashmore Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Fund;Inst (EMCIX)-1.27%9.87%4.99%1.17%$310.70
American Beacon Frontier Markets Income Fund;Y (AGEYX)-1.56%6.97%N/A1.27%$132.20
Bottom 5
Putnam Emerging Markets Income Fund;A (PEMWX)-10.47%3.75%1.72%1.25%$10.50
Invesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bond Fund;A (IAEMX)-7.95%0.78%-4.03%1.25%$3.70
Stone Harbor Emerging Mkts Debt Alloc Fund;Inst (SHADX)-7.11%5.21%N/A0.85%$28.40
SEI Emerging Markets Debt Fund;F (SITEX)-6.81%5.06%0.48%1.63%$1,394.50
HSBC Global Emerging Markets Debt Fund;Inst (HCGIX)-6.61%4.28%3.50%0.50%$48.60
Classification total/average-4.11%5.48%2.49%1.12%$55,266.00
JP Morgan EMBI Global-2.94%5.70%4.62%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Vanguard Emerging Markets Bond Fund;Investor (VEMBX)2.39%N/AN/A0.60%$25.00
American Century Alter Emerg Opps Tot Rtn Fd;Inv (AEOVX)-2.43%N/AN/A0.99%$11.80
Eaton Vance Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities;R6 (EELDX)-2.72%6.99%3.37%0.86%$72.00
Lazard Emerging Markets Income Portfolio;Inst (LEIIX)-5.60%1.87%N/A0.91%$4.90
MFS Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency Fund;I (EMLIX)-7.19%4.81%-1.73%0.85%$13.30
Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund;Y (HLDYX)-8.08%5.28%-1.14%0.91%$87.80
Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund;A (OEMAX)-8.09%5.29%-0.88%1.15%$46.70
Voya Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund;P (ILCDX)-8.21%3.35%-2.37%0.15%$68.50
TCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Income Fund;I (TGWIX)-8.31%5.16%-1.32%0.99%$253.10
Ashmore Emerging Markets Loc Currency Bd Fund;Inst (ELBIX)-8.50%5.74%-1.65%0.97%$65.10
Bottom 5
BlackRock Emerging Markets Local Currency Bd;K (BELKX)-12.99%N/AN/A0.70%$20.20
Goldman Sachs Local Emerging Markets Debt Fund;Ins (GIMDX)-11.18%3.59%-3.08%0.91%$100.10
Stone Harbor Local Markets Fund;Inst (SHLMX)-10.83%3.73%-3.49%0.89%$984.20
Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Db Fd;I (IECIX)-10.56%1.66%N/A0.80%$74.20
PGIM Emerging Markets Debt Loc Currency Fd;Z (EMDZX)-10.44%3.75%-1.89%0.88%$55.20
Classification total/average-8.26%4.25%-1.53%1.15%$7,800.90
JP Morgan EMBI Global-2.94%5.70%4.62%


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