Numbers Game

Best- and worst-performing fixed-income funds

By category, ranked by one-year total returns

Oct 20, 2018 @ 6:00 am

By Ellie Zhu

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
River Canyon Total Return Bond Fund;Institutional (RCTIX)5.00%5.31%N/A0.72%$26.30
Anfield Universal Fixed Income Fund;I (AFLIX)3.71%3.57%3.06%1.27%$199.30
Miller Intermediate Bond Fund;I (MIFIX)3.41%5.33%N/A1.05%$125.20
Ladder Select Bond Fund;Institutional (LSBIX)2.68%N/AN/A0.95%$13.40
Osterweis Total Return Fund (OSTRX)1.81%N/AN/A0.76%$99.20
Bramshill Income Performance Fund;Inst (BRMSX)1.80%N/AN/A1.45%$232.90
American Beacon Garcia Hamilton Qual Bd Fund;Inst (GHQIX)1.48%N/AN/A0.45%$227.30
Putnam Income Fund;A (PINCX)1.17%2.47%2.60%0.88%$626.70
Highland Fixed Income Fund;A (HFBAX)0.43%3.03%2.64%1.01%$97.40
Diamond Hill Core Bond Fund;Y (DHRYX)-0.03%N/AN/A0.35%$36.80
Bottom 5
DoubleLine Long Duration Total Return Bond Fund;I (DBLDX)-3.59%0.43%N/A0.65%$59.30
Virtus Seix Total Return Bond Fund;I (SAMFX)-2.46%0.89%1.85%0.46%$435.70
Dreyfus Intermediate Term Income Fund;A (DRITX)-2.28%0.77%1.44%0.93%$373.40
North Country Intermediate Bond Fund (NCBDX)-2.21%0.39%0.96%0.89%$73.70
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund;Inv (VBIIX)-2.10%1.10%2.32%0.15%$1,120.00
Classification total/average-1.23%1.45%2.04%0.72%$833,425.70
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond TR-1.22%1.31%2.16%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Oppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal Fund;A (OPTAX)7.09%6.47%7.30%1.03%$1,163.40
BlackRock Allocation Target Shares Series E (BATEX)3.82%6.08%N/A0.08%$178.70
Nuveen Strategic Municipal Opportunities Fund;I (NSIOX)3.60%4.54%N/A0.63%$104.70
Clearwater Tax-Exempt Bond Fund (QWVQX)2.98%4.73%6.41%0.66%$537.60
BNY Mellon Municipal Opportunities Fund;M (MOTMX)2.95%3.64%4.72%0.73%$1,428.20
Sit Tax-Free Income Fund (SNTIX)2.73%3.66%5.49%0.90%$219.10
SEI Tax-Advantaged Income Fund;F (SEATX)2.38%4.87%5.75%1.09%$1,163.60
Navigator Duration Neutral Bond Fund;I (NDNIX)2.23%2.59%2.13%1.35%$59.30
PIMCO Municipal Bond Fund;Institutional (PFMIX)2.05%3.78%4.72%0.48%$206.50
Wells Fargo CoreBuilder Shares - Srs M (WFCMX)1.99%3.21%4.99%0.00%$634.80
Bottom 5
Saratoga Municipal Bond Portfolio;I (SMBPX)-2.37%-0.33%0.24%3.74%$0.60
Manning & Napier Diversified Tax Exempt Series (EXDVX)-1.13%0.40%0.83%0.58%$272.40
Neuberger Berman Municipal Impact Fund;Inst (NMIIX)-1.10%1.09%2.37%0.43%$54.30
Madison Tax-Free National Fund;Y (GTFHX)-1.00%1.17%2.57%0.75%$23.80
First Investors Tax Exempt Opportunities Fund;A (EIITX)-1.00%1.21%3.33%1.00%$265.20
Classification total/average0.56%2.28%3.66%0.89%$147,656.60
Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond TR0.35%2.24%3.54%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Victory High Yield Fund;A (GUHYX)6.39%8.79%5.41%1.00%$22.90
Ivy ProShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yld Idx;I (IIIRX)5.48%N/AN/A0.65%$36.10
Catalyst/SMH High Income Fund;A (HIIFX)5.45%13.69%-0.95%1.47%$14.60
Diamond Hill High Yield Fund;Y (DHHYX)5.43%N/AN/A0.55%$29.60
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage Fund;M (FAHYX)5.07%8.80%6.57%1.01%$355.50
Morgan Stanley Inst High Yield Portfolio;I (MSYIX)5.01%7.68%6.00%0.65%$91.40
Western Asset Short Duration High Income Fund;A (SHIAX)4.97%5.75%3.00%1.00%$264.20
Virtus Newfleet Credit Opportunities Fund;R6 (VRCOX)4.97%4.95%N/A1.11%$86.10
Nuveen Symphony Credit Opportunities Fund;I (NCOIX)4.92%8.02%4.84%0.74%$587.00
Artisan High Income Fund;Advisor (APDFX)4.84%8.85%N/A0.82%$1,941.10
Bottom 5
Robinson Opportunistic Income Fd;A (RBNAX)-1.04%N/AN/A3.56%$3.80
CMG Tactical Bond;I (CHYOX)-0.96%1.98%N/A1.76%$10.10
AB High Income Fund;A (AGDAX)-0.61%6.67%4.69%0.82%$1,420.40
Toews Tactical Income Fund (THHYX)-0.56%4.22%3.72%1.61%$559.20
Tortoise Select Income Bond Fund;Institutional (TBNIX)-0.54%N/AN/A0.50%$1.20
Classification total/average2.24%6.41%4.31%1.04%$238,604.80
Bloomberg Barclays US High Yield 2% Issuer Cap TR3.05%8.14%5.54%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Lord Abbett Inflation Focused Fund;I (LIFIX)3.32%3.36%0.39%0.50%$686.60
Eaton Vance Short Duration Inflation-Pro Inc;I (EIRRX)2.21%2.92%1.47%0.59%$305.50
Invesco Strategic Real Return Fund;A (SRRAX)2.02%3.80%N/A0.82%$21.10
DFA Short-Duration Real Return Portfolio;Instl (DFAIX)1.61%2.27%N/A0.24%$1,377.00
Federated Real Return Bond Fund;Class A (RRFAX)1.49%2.29%0.84%0.75%$23.80
Franklin Real Return Fund;A (FRRAX)1.12%2.59%0.26%0.93%$134.50
Wells Fargo Real Return Fund;Adm (IPBIX)1.05%3.06%1.91%0.60%$18.40
DFA LTIP Portfolio;Institutional (DRXIX)0.93%4.67%3.18%0.15%$183.00
PIMCO Fixed Income SHares Series R (FXIRX)0.90%3.01%1.59%0.62%$139.90
iShares Short-Term TIPS Bond Index;Inst (BIIPX)0.88%N/AN/A0.11%$1.30
Bottom 5
HC Inflation Protected Securities Portfolio;HC Adv (HCPAX)-0.49%1.58%N/A0.41%$0.10
MFS Inflation-Adjusted Bond Fund;A (MIAAX)-0.40%1.31%0.58%0.80%$45.40
American Funds Inflation Linked Bond Fund;A (BFIAX)-0.35%1.77%1.47%0.73%$645.70
Hartford Inflation Plus Fund;A (HIPAX)-0.24%1.56%0.48%0.86%$178.80
Dreyfus Inflation Adjusted Securities Fund;I (DIASX)-0.11%1.21%0.66%0.51%$22.00
Classification total/average0.48%1.97%0.76%0.76%$116,757.60
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. TIPS TR0.41%2.04%1.37%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
AlphaCentric Income Opportunities Fund;I (IOFIX)6.30%10.21%N/A1.52%$1,988.60
Semper MBS Total Return Fund;Inst (SEMMX)5.27%4.71%6.43%0.85%$1,636.20
Deer Park Total Return Credit Fund;I (DPFNX)4.70%N/AN/A2.01%$626.50
Credit Suisse Strategic Income Fund;I (CSOIX)4.06%7.42%6.18%1.24%$165.80
Osterweis Strategic Income Fund (OSTIX)3.69%5.83%4.28%0.88%$6,181.20
Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund;A (ANGLX)3.68%4.02%4.40%1.37%$612.80
Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund;I (IISIX)3.43%4.81%4.67%0.66%$365.70
Opportunistic Income Fund;A (ENIAX)3.39%3.53%2.97%0.52%$1,789.70
Angel Oak Flexible Income Fund;Institutional (ANFIX)3.35%2.30%N/A0.87%$110.40
Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture Fund;A (LBNDX)2.82%7.11%5.66%0.80%$4,701.50
Bottom 5
Toews Unconstrained Income Fund (TUIFX)-3.11%1.85%1.87%1.52%$71.10
GuideMark Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund;Svc (GMIFX)-2.57%2.04%1.03%1.56%$55.30
Horizon Active Income Fund;Investor (AIMNX)-1.88%0.27%0.41%1.47%$270.30
John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fd;NAV ()-1.81%2.95%3.36%0.66%$1,713.70
Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income Fund;A (OPSIX)-1.49%2.96%2.26%0.99%$2,704.10
Classification total/average0.63%4.10%3.30%1.05%$263,101.20
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond TR-1.22%1.31%2.16%

Top 101-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Portfolio net assets ($M)**
Catalyst Floating Rate Income Fund;I (CFRIX)7.25%4.91%3.74%1.18%$30.00
Fidelity Series Floating Rate High Income Fund (FFHCX)5.82%5.26%3.88%0.01%$455.40
Ziegler Floating Rate Fund;A (ZFLAX)5.37%N/AN/A1.00%$8.20
Victory Floating Rate Fund;Y (RSFYX)5.36%5.90%3.70%0.78%$289.00
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Fund;Institutional (EIBLX)5.34%5.72%3.98%0.79%$7,219.20
Columbia Floating Rate Fund;A (RFRAX)5.21%5.18%3.89%1.04%$384.30
Pacific Funds Floating Rate Income;I (PLFRX)5.18%5.50%3.99%0.72%$471.50
Lord Abbett Floating Rate Fund;F (LFRFX)5.16%5.43%4.13%0.69%$6,551.30
Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Plus;A (OSFAX)5.09%5.36%3.94%1.61%$30.30
Natixis Loomis Sayles Senior Float Rt & Fxd Inc;Y (LSFYX)5.08%5.58%4.62%0.80%$3,224.90
Bottom 5
Palmer Square Income Plus Fund (PSYPX)2.71%3.09%N/A0.78%$525.50
DWS Floating Rate Fund;C (DFRCX)2.76%1.14%0.70%1.80%$84.10
Dunham Floating Rate Bond Fund;A (DAFRX)3.45%3.65%N/A1.30%$19.30
Neuberger Berman Floating Rate Income Fund;A (NFIAX)3.74%3.70%2.94%1.09%$20.20
Hartford Floating Rate Fund;C (HFLCX)3.78%4.49%2.78%1.74%$921.20
Classification total/average4.40%4.60%3.38%1.09%$137,695.00
S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan TR5.18%5.30%4.12%

As of Sept. 30. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds. Funds closed to new investors have been omitted for the top-10 grouping. Rankings are based on unrounded figures. Three- and five-year returns are annualized. 
In case of multiple share classes, the oldest share class is listed. N/A = not available (fund has been in operation for less than the period indicated). *Net prospectus. **As of Aug. 31.
Source: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company


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