Numbers Game

Top 50 fixed-income mutual funds, second quarter 2019

A closer look at the numbers

Jul 20, 2019 @ 6:00 am

By Ellie Zhu

Ranked by quarterly returns
Name/ticker3-month return1-year return3-year annualized returnPortfolio net assets ($M)Expense ratio*
1Eaton Vance Emerging Markets Local Income Fund;A (EEIAX)7.45%10.18%5.31%$1,019.00 1.22%
2Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index Fd;Inst (VEDTX)7.28%14.25%1.00%$2,561.70 0.06%
3Ryan Labs Long Credit Fund (RLLCX)7.12%14.91%4.68%$111.70 0.50%
4SEI Long Duration Fund;A (LDRAX)6.88%14.39%4.65%$1,461.00 0.37%
5PIMCO Long-Term Cr Bd Fund;Institutional (PTCIX)6.85%15.55%6.45%$4,094.00 0.85%
6PIMCO Extended Duration Fund;Inst (PEDIX)6.84%13.87%1.03%$1,416.30 0.94%
7T Rowe Price Institutional Long Duration Credit Fd (RPLCX)6.84%15.16%4.70%$34.80 0.45%
8SEI Inst Inv Long Duration Credit Fund;A (SLDAX)6.81%14.55%4.74%$4,087.50 0.37%
9PIMCO Emerg Markets Local Currency and Bd Fd;Inst (PELBX)6.81%9.80%4.55%$2,392.20 0.92%
10Wasatch-Hoisington US Treasury Fund;Investor (WHOSX)6.79%12.20%0.67%$352.80 0.70%
11Schroder Long Duration Investment-Grade Bond;Inv (STWLX)6.78%13.50%3.68%$136.40 0.32%
12MFS Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency Fund;I (EMLIX)6.70%11.30%4.84%$336.80 0.86%
13Delaware Extended Duration Bond Fund;Institutional (DEEIX)6.65%13.44%4.85%$659.90 0.57%
14Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund;Investor (VWESX)6.45%14.65%4.53%$18,636.60 0.22%
15PGIM Emerging Markets Debt Loc Currency Fd;Z (EMDZX)6.41%9.56%3.78%$75.00 0.88%
16Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund;Investor (VBLTX)6.33%13.71%3.57%$12,382.00 0.15%
17Invesco Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt;Y (OEMYX)6.32%10.61%5.05%$236.30 0.95%
18Goldman Sachs Local Emerging Markets Debt Fund;Ins (GIMDX)6.28%9.29%3.14%$161.80 0.91%
19Calvert Long-Term Income Fund;A (CLDAX)6.23%13.32%4.02%$70.60 0.92%
20Payden Emerging Markets Local Bond Fund;Investor (PYELX)6.02%8.83%4.06%$213.70 0.92%
21PIMCO Long Duration Total Return Fund;Inst (PLRIX)5.95%13.29%4.77%$3,717.30 1.00%
22Stone Harbor Local Markets Fund;Inst (SHLMX)5.93%6.88%2.81%$702.80 0.90%
23TCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Income Fund;I (TGWIX)5.86%7.62%4.42%$231.20 0.85%
24Fidelity SAI Long-Term Treasury Bond Index Fund (FBLTX)5.77%12.20%1.27%$78.90 0.03%
25Fidelity Long-Term Treasury Bond Index Fund (FNBGX)5.74%12.22%N/A$2,171.40 0.03%
26Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund;Investor (VUSTX)5.70%12.10%1.06%$3,752.00 0.20%
27T Rowe Price US Treasury Long-Term Fund (PRULX)5.69%11.90%0.97%$5,562.30 0.34%
28Fidelity Series Long-Term Treasury Bond Fund (FTLTX)5.68%12.23%N/A$10,793.10 0.00%
29Ashmore Emerging Markets Loc Currency Bd Fund;Inst (ELBIX)5.68%9.29%4.58%$73.80 0.97%
30Barings Em Mkts Debt Blended Total Return Fund;A (BXEAX)5.66%12.55%7.17%$50.50 1.20%
31Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund;Y (HLDYX)5.63%8.71%4.48%$158.00 0.91%
32T Rowe Price Emerging Markets Local Currency Bd (PRELX)5.60%8.61%4.37%$450.20 0.92%
33Voya Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund;P (ILCDX)5.49%8.33%3.48%$77.30 0.15%
34Metropolitan West Corporate Bond Fund;I (MWCBX)5.40%13.80%N/A$2.20 0.50%
35DoubleLine Long Duration Total Return Bond Fund;I (DBLDX)5.38%10.89%1.43%$89.60 0.65%
36PIMCO Emerging Markets Full Spectrum Bond Fd;Inst (PFSIX)5.30%10.20%5.37%$355.10 0.96%
37American Funds Emerging Markets Bond Fund;A (EBNAX)5.24%11.39%5.70%$841.90 1.01%
38PIMCO Long-Term US Government Fund;Institutional (PGOVX)5.14%11.01%1.13%$929.80 0.78%
39BlackRock Emerg Market Flexible Dynamic Bd Port;K (BREDX)4.98%5.29%3.09%$102.20 0.64%
40Federated Corporate Bond Strategy Portfolio (FCSPX)4.90%11.68%5.02%$98.70 0.00%
41PIA BBB Bond Fund;MACS (PBBBX)4.86%11.11%4.32%$146.90 0.17%
42Ivy Crossover Credit Fund;I (ICKIX)4.85%11.55%N/A$39.80 0.65%
43Voya Investment Grade Credit Fund;SMA (ISCFX)4.83%11.83%5.13%$157.00 0.00%
44Emerging Markets Debt (SEDAX)4.81%9.42%4.88%$2,286.80 0.94%
45Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Db Fd;I (IECIX)4.81%4.69%0.56%$140.60 0.80%
46PGIM Global Total Return Fund;A (GTRAX)4.78%9.22%4.27%$2,133.80 0.88%
47Cohen & Steers Preferred Securities and In SMA Shs (PISHX)4.76%N/AN/A$11.30 0.46%
48Northern Multi-Manager Emerging Mkts Debt Oppty (NMEDX)4.76%9.79%4.09%$158.50 0.95%
49John Hancock Emerging Markets Debt Fund;I (JMKIX)4.75%11.72%6.09%$1,093.50 0.89%
50Morgan Stanley Inst Corporate Bond Portfolio;I (MPFDX)4.75%10.50%5.03%$127.90 0.70%
Largest inflows
Name/ticker3-month return1-year return3-year annualized returnPortfolio net assets ($M)Expense ratio*
1PIMCO Income Fund;Institutional (PIMIX)$6,746.30 2.40%6.93%$127,806.50 0.74%
2Fidelity Series Bond Index Fund (FIFZX)$6,569.80 N/AN/A$6,758.90 0.00%
3Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund;Investor (VBMFX)$4,702.40 3.05%7.75%$229,332.80 0.15%
4TIAA-CREF Bond Index Fund;Institutional (TBIIX)$3,874.10 2.93%7.72%$15,639.80 0.12%
5Vanguard Total Bond Market II Index Fund;Investor (VTBIX)$3,349.30 2.98%7.75%$181,700.10 0.09%
6PGIM Total Return Bond Fund;A (PDBAX)$3,068.80 3.58%8.83%$43,915.80 0.76%
7Lord Abbett Short Duration Income Fund;A (LALDX)$3,034.80 1.66%4.90%$49,594.60 0.59%
8Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund;Adm (VTABX)$2,763.30 2.93%7.81%$131,613.50 0.11%
9Baird Core Plus Bond Fund;Institutional (BCOIX)$2,128.00 3.23%8.39%$21,337.40 0.30%
10PIMCO Investment Grade Credit Bond Fund;Inst (PIGIX)$1,871.50 4.16%10.71%$14,161.80 0.59%
11Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund;Inv (VWITX)$1,778.40 2.02%6.37%$68,299.50 0.17%
12Strategic Advisers Fidelity Core Income Fund (FIWGX)$1,777.70 3.07%N/A$17,710.70 0.26%
13American Funds Bond Fund of America;A (ABNDX)$1,701.60 2.98%7.57%$44,769.10 0.60%
14Fidelity US Bond Index Fund (FXNAX)$1,468.10 2.97%7.88%$41,740.70 0.03%
15Dodge & Cox Income Fund (DODIX)$1,467.20 2.79%7.58%$59,621.20 0.42%
16Morgan Stanley Inst Ultra-Short Income Ptf;A (MUAIX)$1,412.40 0.59%2.37%$16,572.10 0.50%
17DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund;I (DBLTX)$1,360.10 2.34%6.38%$52,852.30 0.47%
18Fidelity Total Bond Fund;Fidelity Total Bond (FTBFX)$1,351.70 3.07%7.75%$23,821.60 0.45%
19BlackRock Short Obligations Fund;K (BBSOX)$1,303.30 0.88%3.00%$2,209.40 0.30%
20Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund;I (WACPX)$1,256.90 3.90%9.46%$27,172.90 0.45%
21Nuveen High Yield Municipal Bond Fund;I (NHMRX)$1,241.70 3.25%8.61%$20,143.80 0.78%
22Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund;M (MWTRX)$1,221.00 3.14%7.82%$75,625.70 0.67%
23Western Asset Core Bond Fund;I (WATFX)$1,196.60 3.14%8.59%$11,873.60 0.45%
24Goldman Sachs Dynamic Municipal Income Fund;A (GSMIX)$1,160.60 1.94%5.55%$5,655.20 0.76%
25Baird Aggregate Bond Fund;Institutional (BAGIX)$1,147.10 3.16%8.16%$20,552.00 0.30%
Largest outflows
Name/ticker3-month return1-year return3-year annualized returnPortfolio net assets ($M)Expense ratio*
1PIMCO Short-Term Fund;Institutional (PTSHX)-$1,597.600.50%2.04%$17,212.60 0.57%
2PIMCO Total Return Fund;Institutional (PTTRX)-$1,379.603.21%7.64%$66,012.70 0.55%
3Lord Abbett Floating Rate Fund;F (LFRFX)-$1,262.601.66%3.00%$11,276.00 0.69%
4Templeton Global Bond Fund;A (TPINX)-$1,094.800.70%5.27%$32,937.70 0.94%
5Invesco Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund;A (OOSAX)-$1,073.000.65%1.64%$11,817.30 1.12%
6PIMCO Emerg Markets Local Currency and Bd Fd;Inst (PELBX)-$977.106.81%9.80%$2,392.20 0.92%
7Janus Henderson Flexible Bond Fund;T (JAFIX)-$962.202.95%6.85%$4,175.70 0.68%
8Fidelity Series Long-Term Treasury Bond Fund (FTLTX)-$828.505.68%12.23%$10,793.10 0.00%
9T Rowe Price New Income Fund (PRCIX)-$731.903.13%7.72%$25,413.70 0.53%
10Fidelity New Markets Income Fund (FNMIX)-$726.302.16%7.11%$8,691.70 0.84%
11TCW Total Return Bond Fund;I (TGLMX)-$692.602.76%7.21%$5,803.60 0.49%
12Wells Fargo Ultra Sh-Tm Muni Inc Fd;Inst (SMAIX)-$680.100.53%1.93%$1,894.70 0.37%
13Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Fund;Institutional (EIBLX)-$616.501.10%3.06%$7,792.20 0.77%
14Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate High Income Fd;I (FFRIX)-$612.401.51%3.79%$10,355.90 0.75%
15PIMCO High Yield Fund;Institutional (PHIYX)-$605.002.81%8.67%$7,966.40 0.57%
16PIMCO Real Return Fund;Institutional (PRRIX)-$589.802.70%4.51%$9,438.40 0.88%
17Virtus Seix Floating Rate High Income Fund;I (SAMBX)-$587.800.98%3.34%$4,264.60 0.62%
18Fidelity Series High Income Fund (FSHNX)-$503.302.90%7.03%$1,519.30 0.00%
19Principal High Income Fund;Inst (PYHIX)-$492.601.90%5.58%$3,138.20 0.66%
20Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Advantage Fund;B (EBFAX)-$459.401.22%2.95%$8,257.00 1.75%
21BlackRock High Yield Bond Portfolio;Institutional (BHYIX)-$456.102.66%6.70%$16,226.10 0.61%
22John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fd;NAV-$452.302.60%5.44%$5,582.60 0.65%
23JPMorgan Floating Rate Income Fund;I (JPHSX)-$443.401.04%3.03%$1,567.00 0.75%
24TIAA-CREF High-Yield Fund;Institutional (TIHYX)-$436.302.95%8.39%$3,809.00 0.36%
25AB Intermediate Dvsfd Muni Port;A (AIDAX)-$424.801.74%5.06%$6,429.40 0.73%
Notes: As of June 30, 2019. Primary share only, excludes ETFs, and excludes leveraged funds and dedicated short bias funds. *Most recently reported net prospectus expense ratio. **Portfolio estimated net flows. N/A = not available.
Source: Lipper Data from Refinitiv


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