Emile Hallez

Emile Hallez has been the retirement and insurance reporter at InvestmentNews since early 2020. Emile has covered the retirement beat since 2012, working as a reporter and associate editor at Ignites, a Financial Times publication. Prior to his work in financial journalism, he cut his teeth as a reporter at Evergreen Newspapers, a small chain of community papers in Colorado. Going back even farther in time, he worked as a technician at a tissue bank, making bone, soft-tissue and skin grafts. Emile is passionate about vegan cooking, rock climbing and cycling. He can often be found exploring the woods of Maine with his wife, Meika and rescue mutts Piper and Buckey.


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VCA Inc. latest to face 401(k) class action

VCA participants paid annual record-keeping fees of up to $105, while some comparably sized 401(k)s have fees closer to $38, plaintiffs claim.


DOL’s EBSA investigations, recoveries down from record in 2021

The Labor Department's Employee Benefits Security Administration recovered about $2.4 billion in fiscal 2021, down from $3.1 billion a year prior.


Maryland auto IRA to include retirement income, emergency savings

MarylandSaves will automatically make payments to account holders when they reach 'retirement age,' unless they specify otherwise.


Hospital group settles 403(b) lawsuit for $2 million

Southcoast Hospitals Group is one of many retirement plan sponsors targeted last year in class-action litigation brought by law firm Capozzi Adler.


CITs continue taking over in 401(k)s, but the change isn’t always easy

CITs are on track to surpass mutual funds in target-date assets. Participants in 401(k)s that use CITs often stand to save a few basis points or more.


Public opinion favors state auto IRAs, report finds

State auto IRA programs, seen as a potential boon for small plan providers and PEPs, are supported by a majority of Democrats and Republicans, a recent survey found.


Student loan payments will soon hit borrowers hard

As many as 89% of borrowers say they will have trouble making student loan payments when they resume on Feb. 1, according to a recent report.


Health system settles 403(b) lawsuit for $3.9M

Mercy Health Corp. was sued last year over plan fees and investment options. Separately, a new lawsuit was filed against Olin Corp.


Lawsuit seeks to head off WA Cares insurance program

Opponents of Washington's long-term care insurance program are claiming that it violates a handful of laws.


The ‘Great Resignation’ is for advisers, too

Amid the massive pandemic exodus, advisers have been guiding clients through career changes or early exits from the workforce. But some advisers have also been striking out on their own.

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