Emile Hallez

Emile Hallez has been the retirement and insurance reporter at InvestmentNews since early 2020. Emile has covered the retirement beat since 2012, working as a reporter and associate editor at Ignites, a Financial Times publication. Prior to his work in financial journalism, he cut his teeth as a reporter at Evergreen Newspapers, a small chain of community papers in Colorado. Going back even farther in time, he worked as a technician at a tissue bank, making bone, soft-tissue and skin grafts. Emile is passionate about vegan cooking, rock climbing and cycling. He can often be found exploring the woods of Maine with his wife, Meika and rescue mutts Piper and Buckey.


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Annuity sales rise in Q1 thanks to just two product types

Although sales figures were down considerably for most categories compared with the first quarter of 2020, fixed-rate deferred annuities and registered index-linked annuities, or RILAs, saw purchases up by 46% and 89%, respectively, according to a report from Limra’s Secure Retirement Institute.


Special-needs planning is about much more than ABLE accounts and trusts

When it comes to special-needs planning, the answer is seldom easy. The decisions about whether a special-needs child would benefit from guardianship and conservatorship in adulthood and if so, who will be their guardian and oversee their trust, are important.


Financial planning can be a lifeline for cancer patients

New research involving patients with aggressive blood cancer found a 53% higher survival rate over 12 months linked with financial planning intervention, as well as help from nurses and pharmacists who helped identify assistance programs.


Working with autism, from experience

Autism comes with challenges in a business that centers on relationships, but it often linked with an extreme interest in topics people are passionate about.


Wells Fargo fails to shake 401(k) suit

The development likely gives the plaintiffs more leverage for a settlement, as the class-action case has moved one step closer to a trial.


Wealth gap, emergency savings lead Senate committee hearing

Panelists testified that more must be done to help retirement savings, including emergency savings and student-debt management services. It might also mean passing legislation to discourage workers from prematurely cashing out their 401(k) balances.


CalSavers upheld in US Court of Appeals case

A three-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed a district court’s dismissal of the case. The savings system is not a plan under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and is therefore not preempted by the law, the panel wrote in the opinion published yesterday.


Clients most satisfied at Ameriprise, Ed Jones, Merrill: Report

Consumer research firm Hearts & Wallets surveyed 5,900 people and found that most have no idea how they pay for financial services.


For 401(k) savers, words matter

'Investment risk' doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, and some words work better than others, according to a report from Invesco.


DOL’s cybersecurity tips were needed, but 401(k)s shouldn’t ask much from participants

A system built around inaction shouldn’t expect people to become more involved with it, much less bear responsibility for keeping their accounts safe.

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