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With Nicole Casperson and Sean Allocca

  • September 28, 2021
  • By Nicole Casperson and Sean Allocca

InvestmentNews takes you inside the world of financial technology. Fintech reporter Nicole Casperson and editor Sean Allocca host this monthly podcastBuilding off interviews with tech insiders and incorporating their own expertise, each episode will delve into an important topic to shine a light on what is happening in tech, what’s next, and what you need to grow your business and your stack.   

The Hosts:

Nicole Casperson is the FinTech reporter for InvestmentNews. When she’s not chasing down the latest tech news, she’s working on IN’s Her Success Matters podcast. Prior to joining IN, Nicole served as the youngest Deputy Editor of Auto Finance News, managing editorial operations and strategy. Before moving to New York City, Nicole reported on housing and mortgages for Dallas-based DSNews and MReport. She holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism both from the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University.

Sean Allocca is Deputy Managing Editor at InvestmentNews. Prior to joining IN, Sean worked as an editor and journalist for Financial Planning and CFO magazine. Before covering the financial sector, Sean was editor of Forensic Magazine, where he wrote about investigations into unsolved crimes. He received an MA from Fordham University and a BA from Loyola University Maryland.

Recent episodes

Episode 9 September 28, 2021
Featuring conversations with Anthony Scaramucci, Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame, Matthew Hougan, and Sarah Kunst, this episode focuses on what was top of mind for everyone at the SALT conference: crypto.
Episode 8 August 31, 2021
The race to offer risk assessment to clients has taken center stage, thanks in no small part to the pandemic that created almost unprecedented market conditions. Dr. Daniel Crosby of Orion, Aaron Klein of Riskalyze, and Jeff Schwantz of Morningstar look at risk assessment from all angles in a discussion with Nicole and Sean.
Episode 7 July 27, 2021
The popularity of alternative assets is on the rise, with AUM expected to hit $11.8 trillion this year and increase to $17.2 trillion by 2025. But accessing alternatives, like private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, or even art and antiques, has been a struggle for retail investors and advisers — that is, until technology stepped in.
Episode 06 June 29, 2021
Wealth management businesses are easy targets for ransomware attacks, and if they're hacked, firms could end up having to pay ransom to free their data and avoid reputational risk and even more trouble. Nicole and Sean ask experts what advisers need to do to protect their businesses and what regulators expect from advice firms. With the rate of ransomware scams increasing by 300% in 2020, is your firm prepared?
Episode 5 May 17, 2021
Non-fungible tokens have taken the financial world by storm, with massive sales spiking news headlines. With a 299% rise in transaction value over the last year, clients will be asking if NFTs are right for them. Will you have an educated answer?
Episode 4 April 27, 2021
A major new development in our industry’s quest for financial literacy has been the recent explosion of new users moving to online investing platforms. Novice investors are learning the wrong lessons about finance – how can advisers help?
Episode 3 March 23, 2021
Famous TikTok influencer Humphrey Yang and Twitter savvy adviser Doug Boneparth join rising CFP Jacqueline Schadeck, an Instagram savant, to discuss with Nicole and Sean how social media can lead to exponential business growth.
Episode 2 February 25, 2021
Ric Edelman leads an all-star guest list on a crash course in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Before deciding if you love it or hate it, you need to fully understand it.
Episode 1 January 26, 2021
A venture capitalist's view from above on what's coming in fintech