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Trump says he’s considering capital gains tax cut

The president could issue an executive order that indexes capital gains to inflation, which would cut investors' tax bills


Annuities and the ‘great retirement reset’

As COVID-19 has interrupted the retirement plans of millions, these products can play a role in their planning going forward, insurance execs said at the Retirement Income Summit


IRS gives businesses a break for donations related to SALT cap

Businesses that donate to charities in exchange for a state tax credit can deduct those costs from their federal taxes, according to new regulation


Pass it along

Wealth transfer isn’t just for the well-heeled anymore as business owners and families of wide-ranging income levels embrace the latest strategies to keep intergenerational assets in the family — and out of the hands of the IRS


Trade association pushes retirement savings provisions for next COVID relief bill

The Insured Retirement Institute calls for raising RMD age, allowing catch-up retirement contributions


RMD relief is here — but only until Aug. 31

Act now to return unneeded required minimum distributions taken prior to the CARES Act


Bloomberg op-ed gets fast rebuke from 401(k) defenders

A column this week by former AQR managing director Aaron Brown questioned the benefits of 401(k)s


New York state legislature considers tax on stock trades

The pandemic has left the state facing a projected four-year deficit of $61 billion


Restoring tax break for advice fees faces challenge in pandemic relief negotiations

Trump demands a payroll tax cut; lawmakers may not open gates to smaller provisions


Biden’s economic and tax plans draw mixed reviews from advisers

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would raise capital gains taxes


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