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Annuities group wants 401(k)s for all — including cannabis workers

The Insured Retirement Institute wants mandatory retirement plan coverage for most businesses, but similar legislation has been floated in the past


Massachusetts fiduciary rule won’t cover variable annuity sales

The Securities Division says the state considers VAs to be insurance products, not securities


Bear market would bode well for fixed annuities: reports

Low interest rates are hampering sales, but the SECURE Act and the threat of a market correction could change that


Using trusts to fill the void of stretch IRAs and 401(k)s

The SECURE Act's 10-year window will cause many beneficiaries to spend rather than save, panelists said in an InvestmentNews webcast


Annuity sales hit record in 2019 thanks to new breed of VA

Strong fixed annuity sales and growing demand for registered index-linked annuities fuel last year's sales gain, according to a report from the Secure Retirement Institute


Finra bars no-show former Woodbury broker

Regulator was investigating Ronald Hannes for taking client funds intended to be used for life insurance


State regulators approve best-interest standard for annuity sales

Now individual states must adopt the measure through legislation or rule-making


A convicted felon barred twice from selling securities, this adviser clings to insurance

What does it take for an insurance agent to lose his license?


Trump budget could lead federal workers to put less money in Thrift Savings Plan

His proposed budget for 2021 lays out cuts to federal retirement benefits that would total $92 billion by 2030


BofA starts selling benefits packages to corporate banking customers

The company is pursuing more business with those clients by providing 401(k)s, HSAs and other benefits


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