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Fund outflows could give Pimco headaches, Morningstar says

4,814 views | Apr 21, 2014

Outflows from Pimco's Total Return fund, run by Bill Gross, have made headlines but Morningstar analysts call the "shrinking asset base" of two other funds "more troubling." Plus: See who Jeff Gundlach's DoubleLine Capital grabbed from Pimco.

DoubleLine hires Pimco exec as Gundlach seeks expansion

764 views | Apr 21, 2014

DoubleLine Capital hired Pacific Investment Management Co.'s Ignacio Sosa as director for a newly created product solutions group as chief executive Jeffrey Gundlach looks to expand outside the U.S.

treasuries, bonds, fixed income, economy, interest rates, yields, janet yellen, federal reserve

Wall Street bond dealers whipsawed on bearish Treasuries bet

894 views | Apr 21, 2014

The surprising resilience of Treasuries has investors recalibrating forecasts for higher borrowing costs as lackluster job growth and emerging-market turmoil push yields toward 2014 lows.

exchange-traded funds, etfs, income, interest rates, variable rate preferred stock

New ETF promises income even as rates rise

1,606 views | Apr 22, 2014

Exposure to variable-rate preferred stocks offers dividend income stream that moves with rates.

Impact investing, socially conscious investing, advisers, investors, Millennials

What is impact investing and which wealth demographic cares?

1,627 views | Apr 22, 2014

The segment is growing in importance among your future top clients.

Active ETFs, mutual funds, net asset value, transparent portfolios, intraday trading

Ready or not, mutual funds, active ETFs set to take off

1,587 views | Apr 22, 2014

Transparency a minor issue, says RevenueShares' Vince Lowry

Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe, oil, sanctions, fighting, wheat

The Ukrainian hornet's nest: Advisers wary of touching it

943 views | Apr 22, 2014

Navigating an investment portfolio around Russia's increasingly aggressive move into Ukraine will not be easy, but there's no excuse for ignoring the potential risks — and maybe a opportunities — linked to the turmoil.

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