Mary Beth Franklin

Mary Beth Franklin is a Contributing Editor at Investment News specializing in Social Security, Medicare and Retirement income. She has been a financial journalist for more than 40 years, covering everything from federal budget and tax policies as a Capitol Hill reporter for United Press International to consumer finances as a writer and editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. Mary Beth became a Certified Financial Planner in 2015 and is an in-demand speaker at conferences for financial professionals as well as a frequent guest on numerous radio and television programs. She is the author of “Maximizing Your Social Security Retirement Benefits” and host of the Retirement Repair Shop podcast. In her free time, Mary Beth likes to read, garden, ski and play the piano. She received a BA in Communications from American University in 1975 where she continues to mentor journalism students.


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Soaring inflation likely to boost 2022 Social Security COLA

A senior advocacy group predicts benefits will rise 4.7% next year, based on the 0.8% increase in the April consumer price index.


Meeting the growing need for financial caregiving

A new tool tracks spending and sends alerts about unpaid bills and potential elder fraud, helping families to organize and protect the daily finances of an aging loved one.


Pandemic’s impact on Social Security services, funding

Social Security Administration Commissioner Andrew Saul warns that underfunding the system will increase benefit delays.


Retirement confidence resilient despite pandemic

The annual EBRI survey underscores workers' and retirees' optimism about the outlook for Social Security and Medicare.


Many affluent retirees reluctant to draw down savings

Some leading retirement experts are questioning whether advisers should rethink their assumptions about retirement spending when creating financial plans.


Diminished capacity creates new investment risk

White paper says financial services firms must adapt to the threat or pay the price.


INmail: Delaying Social Security protects the younger spouse

To maximize benefits over the couple’s joint lifetimes, claiming her Social Security benefits early will likely result in the largest payout.


Third of near-retirees fail basic Social Security quiz

The level of knowledge is improving but the public still needs guidance on decisions about claiming benefits.


Demographics, Covid speed looming retirement crisis

A report from the Alliance for Lifetime Income calls for new retirement income model that includes annuities.


82% of Americans say Covid affected their retirement plans

A Fidelity study underscores the importance of financial planning, but reveals that the term means different things to people of different ages.

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