Mary Beth Franklin

Mary Beth Franklin is a Contributing Editor at Investment News specializing in Social Security, Medicare and Retirement income. She has been a financial journalist for more than 40 years, covering everything from federal budget and tax policies as a Capitol Hill reporter for United Press International to consumer finances as a writer and editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. Mary Beth became a Certified Financial Planner in 2015 and is an in-demand speaker at conferences for financial professionals as well as a frequent guest on numerous radio and television programs. She is the author of “Maximizing Your Social Security Retirement Benefits” and host of the Retirement Repair Shop podcast. In her free time, Mary Beth likes to read, garden, ski and play the piano. She received a BA in Communications from American University in 1975 where she continues to mentor journalism students.


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Turning chaos into prospects

More than 300 attendees tune into InvestmentNews' virtual Women Adviser Summit


Retirees fare better than pre-retirees during pandemic

Millions of older Americans are providing financial support to adult children


Pandemic boosts concerns about retirement and Social Security

As COVID-19 resets Americans' retirement plans, surveys highlight the need for financial guidance to maximize benefits


The future of wealth management is female

Unprecedented asset shift to women expected within the decade


House panel looks at COVID-19 impact on Social Security

Bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate that would adjust the formula to avoid a drop in benefits for those who turn 60 this year


How to respond to a long-term care premium hike

Weighing policy options to maintain coverage at an affordable price


Why 2020 is a bad year to turn 60

COVID-related job losses this year could reduce Social Security benefits for millions of people born in 1960


Timing a Social Security claim when you have children

The Viagra college fund is alive and well, but the earnings test could reduce benefits


Social Security withholds retroactive retirement benefits

The agency is delaying lump-sum payouts of back benefits amid the pandemic


Social Security underpays more than 15,000 survivors

An audit shows many retired widows and widowers are due higher survivor benefits

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