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Labor Department supports ESG in retirement plans

The Department of Labor recently released its long-expected proposal detailing the use of ESG funds and methods in 401(k) retirement plans. Emile Hallez discusses what this means for ESG and for retirement plans. We also speak with Careen Abb, SDG and Impact program lead for the U.N. Environment Program Financial Initiative. Read More

How to thrive, not just survive, in your career, with Penny Pennington

In this episode, Christine speaks with Penny Pennington, managing partner at Edward Jones, about how women can thrive, not just survive, in their careers. Penny shares her personal journey and keys to success as one of the most influential women in financial services. Read More

Niche advisers should demonstrate their expertise

Advisers setting up a niche practice should not only be expert in their topic, but be sure to demonstrate their knowledge, whether that’s by blogging or doing seminars or podcasts, says David Foster of Gateway Wealth Management in St. Louis. Read More

Expungement rule no longer works, says NASAA president

Removing customer disputes from brokers’ records should be an ‘extraordinary remedy,’ but the expungement rule no longer works and people are finding ways to get information removed, says new NASAA president Melanie Senter Lubin. Read More

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Enhancing Your Clients’ Retirement Wealth and Wellbeing InvestmentNews’ Retirement Income Summit has been serving our community for 15 years!  Each year we bring together the retirement planning industry to provide an innovative forum with timely and relevant content and networking opportunities where attendees can gain knowledge on the latest trends in retirement income solutions, products and personalized investment advice to help their clients and grow their business.

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November 1, 2021


Multi-generational Clients and Services Baby boomers have been financial advisers’ core client base for years, but a practice needs new blood to continue to grow. Considering that Gen X and Millennials will control 47% of wealth in the United States by 2030, advisers are under increasing pressure to onboard younger clients, as well as hire new talent that understands the needs of the next wave of investors. 

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November 3, 2021


New York City Improving Your Bottom Line through Returns, Retention, and Referrals  InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit was launched in 2015 because we felt there was a need to offer a forum designed for women, by women, and about women in financial advice.  For 6+ years, our summits have been focused on you -female financial advisers – and your concerns as you continue to grow your business.  Our speakers and sessions are focused on offering updates on the industry trends and practice management advice to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

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November 11, 2021


Finding the right client journey: How technology turns prospects into clients

As clients enjoy seamless experiences with Netflix and Amazon apps, how can advisory firms keep up with the growing expectations for superior tech?

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021
4-5pm ET


New Decade, Familiar Challenges

Join host InvestmentNews for an interactive discussion of the 2021 Adviser Benchmarking Studies with BNY Mellon | Pershing’s Christina Townsend and Lisa Crafford, and Ensemble Practice’s Brandon Odell. We will explore key findings and hot topics from both of the 2021 studies, including Compensation and Staffing and Pricing and Profitability.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
1-2:00pm ET