Practice Makeover: Season 6


Practice Makeover Ep 8: Was her practice made over?

Three months after we met Stephanie McCullough, she joined us in our New York studio to discuss how things are going. Was the makeover a success?


Practice Makeover Ep 4: Hunting for Efficiencies

Tech can be a double edge sword and you can spend more time dealing with it, than using it. Kyle Hiatt will lead Stephanie and her team to find ways to improve the technology stack efficiency and even make it easier to learn how to use it.


Practice Makeover Ep 6: Become a Marketing Monster

The best compliment a professional can receive is a referral. Stephanie needs to use marketing to get her clients to become advocates. Robert Sofia is here to assist.


Practice Makeover Ep 5: Draw a Play, Make a Goal

Stephanie is already a huge fan of her planning software. Matt Thompson will help her open up the software to her clients using a remote portal. In this day and age, clients want access to their information any time, and any place.


Practice Makeover Ep 3: The Perilous Peril of Risk

As a financial planner, Stephanie does much more than investment management. Patrick Hannon will make the case that having an easy way to explain risk to clients can make all the difference. Will Stephanie bite?


Practice Makeover Ep 2: The CRM paradigm

We start the makeover with the central hub of any tech stack: the CRM. They have some issues with their current platform, can Ricky Redtail save the day?


Practice Makeover Ep 1: I Have Not Yet Begun to Tech

Stephanie McCullough is our featured adviser for this season of Practice Makeover. She's ready to grow as she succeeds her father, but is walking a razor's edge with an underutilized and non-integrated tech stack. We're here to help.


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