Triple Play: Tips to Grow Your Biz

Triple Play: How to ace the CFP exam

August 10, 2020 | Runtime:

Earning the designation of certified financial planner isn’t easy, but Tanya Nichols, founder and president of Align Financial in Minnesota, has three tips for those taking the exam.

Triple Play: What Reg BI means for RIAs

August 4, 2020 | Runtime:

Brian Hamburger, founder of MarketCounsel, explains what RIAs need to know about the SEC’s package of rules on advice standards, including the implications for firm marketing.

TriplePlay: How to outsource asset management

July 28, 2020 | Runtime:

Craig Butler, managing partner at tru Independence, lays out three steps advisers should take if they want to turn over asset management to a third party

TriplePlay: How outsourcing asset management can benefit advisory firms

July 21, 2020 | Runtime:

Craig Butler, managing partner at tru Independence, lays out the top three reasons firms should consider hiring a third party to manage portfolios

TriplePlay: How to make the most of your support staff

July 14, 2020 | Runtime:

Erin Botsford, founder and CEO of The Advisor Authority, outlines what a financial adviser’s support staff should be doing to ensure the adviser can concentrate on growing the business.

TriplePlay: How to use artificial intelligence to make advice businesses better

July 1, 2020 | Runtime:

Andrew Altfest, president of Altfest Personal Wealth Management, on three tips to using the technology to automate the front office and make other improvements to combat robo advisers

TriplePlay: How to use virtual events to meet new prospects

June 30, 2020 | Runtime:

Michael Silver and Eric Sheikowitz of Focus Partners offer three reasons that advisory firms should be hosting online events like cooking classes to drum up new business.

TriplePlay: How to run a successful business in stressful times

June 23, 2020 | Runtime:

Stephanie Bogan, CEO of Educe Inc., offers three tips on how to manage stress and continue operating effectively even when business circumstances present challenges.

TriplePlay: Engaging better with clients

June 8, 2020 | Runtime:

Jay Coulter of The Resilient Adviser provides three suggestions for how financial advice firms can improve their communications with clients.

TriplePlay: Using inbound marketing to grow

June 1, 2020 | Runtime:

Samantha Russell of Twenty Over Ten describes how to turn one piece of content into ten different communications.

TriplePlay: Generating a successful marketing plan

May 26, 2020 | Runtime:

Jud Mackrill of Carson Group recommends advisory firms focus on three initiatives to create a more effective marketing strategy

TriplePlay: Three steps to prepare advisers for growth

May 19, 2020 | Runtime:

Shirl Penney of Dynasty Financial Partners recommends advice firms adjust their businesses to be ready for organic and inorganic growth.

TriplePlay: Creating a memorable brand

May 12, 2020 | Runtime:

Robert Sofia of Snappy Kraken highlights three ways financial advice firms can make their brands stand out from the crowd.

TriplePlay: Embracing a specialty to build up business

May 4, 2020 | Runtime:

Claire Akin, author of "The Marketing Guide for Financial Advisors," presents three ways that advice firms can attract clients and charge a premium for specialized services.

TriplePlay: Finding opportunities in a crisis

April 27, 2020 | Runtime:

Erin Botsford of The Advisor Authority describes ways advisers can use challenging times, like the current pandemic, as opportunities to improve their businesses.

TriplePlay: Communicating during quarantine

April 20, 2020 | Runtime:

Andrew Altfest of Altfest Personal Wealth Management describes three ways advisers can reach out to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TriplePlay: Creating a dynamic digital marketing plan

April 14, 2020 | Runtime:

Robert Sofia of Snappy Kraken illustrates three tips for how advisory firms can build a successful automated marketing strategy.

TriplePlay: Engaging better with clients

April 6, 2020 | Runtime:

Jay Coulter of The Resilient Advisor presents three ways that advisory firms can reach out and connect better with clients.

TriplePlay: Optimizing adviser search for better web traffic

March 30, 2020 | Runtime:

Samantha Russell of Twenty Over Ten provides three ways advisory firms can drive more traffic to their websites.

TriplePlay: Investing in technologies that spark adviser success

March 22, 2020 | Runtime:

Shirl Penney of Dynasty Financial Partners recommends advice firms develop a technology investment roadmap that matches up to their specific goals.

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