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The Takeaway: Hey, that crazy hedge fund bike ride story is true

By Josh Brown

Feb 27, 2013 @ 2:10 pm (Updated 2:59 pm) EST

Portfolio ETF and index honchos weigh in on the Great Rotation thesis. (Index Universe)

Gross says corporate bonds irrationally priced as risks rise (Bloomberg) First Trust launches a Frankenfund that goes long junk bonds and short Treasurys. (Focus On Funds) Speaking of short Treasurys, wait til you hear about the bet Ken Heebner has on... (Investment News)
The Biz Tom Nally (TD) says focus on the future of RIAs, not the past. (Advisor One) Advisors are upping their allocations to absolute return and hedging strategies this year. (Hedgeweek) Dick Bove on BAC's Brian Moynihan's public speaking ability is hilarious. (Dealbreaker) Wall Street: Bonuses are up, but here come more layoffs to protect them. That's some racket! (Guardian) and (New York Magazine) Is Michael Milken being more than just a client at Guggenheim, contra to his lifetime ban agreement? (Fortune) Will the SEC lose a hundred million bucks worth of funding under the Sequester? (Advisor One) Outliers You ever hear about the legendary bike ride with Dan Loeb and Bill Ackman? (Vanity Fair) *** Disclaimer: Joshua Brown is an investment advisor representative with Fusion Analytics. The content above is for informational purposes only, nothing here should ever be construed as investment advice or a solicitation to trade any securities. Mr. Brown or his firm may be long or short securities mentioned above for client or personal accounts at any time.

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