Is the private-equity zeal for financial advice firms likely to continue?

December 06, 2017 | Runtime: 3:34

InvestmentNews managing editor Christina Nelson and senior columnist Jeff Benjamin discuss why PE funds are so attracted to the independent advice industry right now, and whether that interest is here to stay.

Former CIA director John Brennan on the importance of contingency planning for financial advisers

December 05, 2017 | Runtime: 1:52

Speaking from the floor of the MarketCounsel Summit in Miami, the ex-CIA director makes a strong case for why financial advisers need to have a plan for managing through a disaster.

The biggest obstacles young baby boomers face in retirement

December 01, 2017 | Runtime: 3:13

Deputy editor Bob Hordt and senior columnist John Waggoner discuss how pensions, college expense and aging parents are uniquely challenging for younger baby boomers as they prepare for retirement.

What advice standard is likely to result from harmonization?

November 21, 2017 | Runtime: 3:23

Deputy editor Bob Hordt and senior reporter Mark Schoeff Jr. discuss the SEC's effort to meld advice standards for brokers and advisers in a new proposal that is also consistent with the DOL fiduciary rule.

Ed Slott: 3 year-end IRA mistakes to avoid

November 18, 2017 | Runtime: 2:55

Be aware of rules regarding required minimum distributions, Roth conversions and qualified charitable distributions that should be addressed before 2018 starts.

Financial adviser Barry Glassman on what he learned when he hired an outsider to assess his firm's corporate culture

November 17, 2017 | Runtime: 5:25

The founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services learned some surprising things about the firm he built.

How to differentiate from the competition

November 16, 2017 | Runtime: 4:33

How does Black Diamond's technology play a role in allowing an advisor firm to differentiate itself from the competition? Bob Conchiglia joins us for a discussion.

Ending sexual harassment at adviser conferences

November 16, 2017 | Runtime: 6:10

XY Planning Network's Michael Kitces explains why the group introduced a new code of conduct for its conferences that explicitly prohibits sexual harassment and promotes inclusion.

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