Investing 2017: Industry at a Crossroads

September 26, 2017

The advice industry is at a unique inflection point, as the way clients are investing has changed dramatically: Technology has evolved, access to innovative products has changed, and the active vs. passive debate continues to rage on. Advisers and their clients are caught right in the middle, setting the stage for a new adviser-client dynamic.

How will this impact advisers’ businesses and business models, as well as their portfolio construction strategies and capabilities?

Longevity Lifestyle Preparation: What advisors need to know to prepare female clients for living well to and through retirement

September 12, 2017

Featuring Mary Beth Franklin from InvestmentNews

Your clients are living longer and spending more time in retirement than ever before — especially female clients, who often outlive their spouses or partners.

This live, interactive webcast will arm you with strategies and data for understanding your female clients' life expectancies as well as their retirement and financial scenarios. Research from Great-West Financial® in collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity focused on how you can incorporate longevity planning into your practice will also be presented.


An Adviser's Guide to Developing NextGen Talent

August 01, 2017

As the registered investment advisory business matures, it's clear we need to focus on a new generation of talent.

Research from InvestmentNews shows that firms of seven or more full-time individuals employing at least one NextGen adviser generated 33% more revenue than firms do not have a NextGen adviser. Clearly, firms are seeing a significant impact when they bring on NextGen talent.

Investing Near the Peak: Strategies for Finding Income or Alpha in this Bull Market

July 18, 2017

These are challenging times for investors. 10 years of low interest rates and near-bottom yields have dampened core bond performance, hurting many income-seeking investors. The search for Alpha is equally challenged as the bull market continues its ride. While volatility remains low, so are the returns. Join us as we discuss how fixed income solutions and liquid alternative strategies can be used in todays environment.

What is the Next Big Thing in 401k plans? Weighing the cost and customization of the QDIA

July 12, 2017

Research from Great-West Investments shows that participants nearing retirement are looking for advice and customized solutions. Leverage concepts from new Morningstar Investment Management LLC research to weigh the cost and customization of default investment options.

Join us as we continue the recent InvestmentNews topic the Next Big Thing in 2017 and discuss how to help participants achieve their retirement savings goals.

Emerging Market Debt: 5 Forces at Work

June 27, 2017

When it comes to emerging market debt, there are a series of forces that help you drive better results for your clients. In today's continually changing market environment, it is critical to know the forces at play to help keep your investment strategy a step ahead.

Bridging generational gaps in financial advice: Connecting next-gen advisers with baby boomer clients

June 20, 2017

What does it take for a next-gen adviser to work with baby boomers? It takes an understanding of demographic traits, such as developing name recognition with clients and making sure they know an advisers background, including past work and the educational experiences that led them to where they are today.

Active Isn't Dead: The Case for Refining Your Clients' Portfolios

May 23, 2017

There is a myth that active investment managers cannot outperform their benchmarks. But the death of active investing has been greatly exaggerated.

The economic climate in the past eight years has generally been conducive for U.S. market-cap weighted passive strategies. But if you look at all 28 of the asset class categories Morningstar tracks, the majority of active managers in 14 of those categories beat their indices over that time period.

M&A and Succession Strategies to Accelerate Growth

May 02, 2017

More advisory firms are exploring and executing mergers and acquisitions than ever before. Many firms are using M&A as a strategic means to accelerate the growth of their firms — and also to identify longer-term succession plans that can increase the overall enterprise value of a business.

Changing market, shifting fixed income strategies

April 27, 2017

In today's rapidly evolving economic climate, optimizing fixed income portfolios can be highly complex. With the current rising rate environment and potential policy implications, changes in the bond markets may impact advisors as they search for fixed-income solutions that will build the best defense for their clients.

This exclusive Nationwide® webcast will provide timely insights and strategies about making the most of clients' bond investments in the 2017 macroeconomic environment and beyond.

Fiduciary rule limbo: How advisors can adapt and deliver no matter where the fiduciary bar is set

April 04, 2017

Regardless of the uncertain fate of the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule and its provisions, many advisors are finding themselves under increasing pressure to meet a new level of client expectations and potentially answer some awkward questions. What should they say if asked about the rule and, perhaps more important, how should they be shaping their business to prepare for what may or may not come?

Join panelists assembled by DST for a candid roundtable discussion about the complexities and often competing priorities now facing advisory firms and advisors.

Teaming: A strategy for success for the new adviser and a growing practice

March 28, 2017

Cold calling can be the make-or-break of any new adviser, and a lack of mentoring can leave potential talent on the sidelines. Teams that onboard these young recruits provide valuable benefits that help advisers meet the challenges of starting out, while at the same time giving them much- needed guidance. The recruit, meanwhile, helps grow the business.

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