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Value Line Funds
When investors think of growth companies, high-flying, large tech stocks, such as Facebook, Google and Apple, often come to mind. By definition, growth stocks have faster earnings growth and, therefore, higher valuations, but many also offer a more predictable pattern of growth with less price volatility and smoother returns over time. Furthermore, many of these steady growth stocks have historically outperformed peers over the long term.
Until recently, the opportunity to invest in Venture Capital backed private growth companies (PGC) was only accessible to institutional investors and high net worth individuals with connections to the Venture Capital industry. However, ongoing changes in legislation (such as the JOBS Act), the emergence of alternative trading platforms, and new fund structures have finally brought this alternative asset within the reach of all investors.
This Issue Brief identifies key emerging retail trends that seek to engage customers and create a holistic experience.
September 26, 2014
Leveraging technology to drive profitability, scale, and growth.
W & S Financial Group Distributors
Over $350 billion in 3.5 million retirement accounts roll over annually. That's a lot of money from a lot of people in a lot of plans. In approaching this market as a financial professional, it's important you know key strategies for helping ensure rollovers are smooth transitions.
T. Rowe Price
Global bond markets defied consensus predictions in the first half of this year. But with more muted returns expected for the rest of 2014, investors already may have earned the bulk of this year's returns. Investors should expect to earn coupon yields.By clicking on the submit button I understand that my name and contact information can be provided to any sponsor(s) of the white paper and that the sponsor(s) may contact me directly about their products or services.
Personalized Brokerage Services
The key to our marketing success should include working with a team of agency professionals who specialize in our -industry and can control exclusivity as part of their service offering.
September 24, 2014
Over the past 40 years, shifting demographics and profound attitudinal changes have helped redefine the concept of "family" for many Americans. To understand how this evolving family structure is changing Americans' relationship with money and financial planning, Allianz commissioned the LoveFamilyMoney study.
Personalized Brokerage Services
Most Boomers nearing retirement age believe they have a strategy set up for their retirement, but very few have really run that strategy through a 'time-test' to see if the results match up with their lifelong dreams.
While there are still some micro-economic impacts affecting real estate markets outside the US, in the US market we believe commercial real estate fundamentals are relatively strong, and companies are beginning to be rewarded based on their fundamentals.
A unique value proposition quickly tells investors what you offer and why they should work with you. Pershing's groundbreaking research now reveals what works-and what doesn't-in communicating your value to investors.
Is your firm paying competitive compensation and employee benefits? Find out now by ordering the 2013 Compensation & Staffing Study, which highlights comprehensive compensation benchmarking data on 24 advisory firm job positions and outline current trends in owner compensation.
Our bi-annual study on the financial performance of advisory firms provides industry benchmarks on advisory firm financials including common-sized income statements, balance sheet and key performance ratios.
The industry's first-ever succession planning study offers key strategies for increasing the transferability & value of your business, while also highlight financing and valuation options.
The 2013 InvestmentNews Adviser Technology Study provides actionable information to advisers, along with the latest solutions to help them drive profitability, efficiency and growth. This research solves for a critical need for independent advisers, given how fragmented the independent adviser business can be and the absence of a comprehensive resource for assessing the best practices and procedures of peers.

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