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Peak Advisor Alliance
We pride ourselves on being the voice of fiscal reason for our clients. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously, advising and planning in an effort to ensure that each of our clients will be well-cared for financially. Yet when it comes to planning for our own legacy, far too many of us fail to conduct adequate planning around what is likely our single most valuable asset – our business.
First Clearing
Daily news headlines reflect the harsh realities of cyber intrusions and cyber crime. Among the most targeted industries, financial firms and advisers need to remain particularly vigilant to protect themselves and client information from cyber risk. Start by reading the white paper, “Getting Serious About Cyber Risk.”
Why do we make decisions that aren’t always in our own best interest? This group of articles from Investments & Wealth Monitor takes a fascinating look at behavioral finance and behavioral portfolio management. Holding true to the Investment Management Consultants Association® reputation as the leading provider of advanced financial education, these articles are a sample of the content found in IMCA®’s Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) certification programs, conferences, membership, and publications.
Value Line Funds
Since Value Line Funds launched its first mutual fund in 1950, the investment industry has evolved considerably. To meet the needs of today’s investor, the fund family line-up has retooled in recent years, including re-branding two equity funds as concentrated portfolios of 30-50 positions.
Academic research suggests that actively managed funds that have high Active Share on average outperform index returns.
Trust Company
As a financial adviser, you’ve probably had to deal with the frustrations of not-in-good-order (NIGO) paperwork — especially if you work with multiple RIAs or reps.
Fidelity Investments
Findings from the Fidelity Advisor Insights study reveal the traits of "High-Performing" Advisors who earned twice as much as other advisors.
Questions routinely arise about the value of active investing: Can active managers beat their benchmarks?
This paper provides advisors with a current snapshot of women investors as a powerful opportunity, and explores their attitudes towards investing and adviser performance. It also goes a step further to propose a new approach to helping women achieve the goals that may be most important to them.
TD Ameritrade
Pricing presents an opportunity for advisors to better align their services and fees to more accurately reflect the value they delivers to their clients on a regular basis. This white paper explores how advisors can assess their pricing structure, popular pricing strategies, and how to effectively implement a pricing change while minimizing the impact to their clients.
AIG Advisor Group
Financial planning for non-traditional couples is a field that is experiencing dynamic change. Although most developments have been liberating and positive for affected clients, changes are coming so fast that keeping track of them can be bewildering. This new white paper from AIG Advisor Group highlights some of the most important developments.
Scout Investments
Consider rethinking traditional fixed income investing. Read Essential Ingredients to discover five ways to adopt an unconstrained mindset.
Is your firm paying competitive compensation and employee benefits? Find out now by ordering the 2013 Compensation & Staffing Study, which highlights comprehensive compensation benchmarking data on 24 advisory firm job positions and outline current trends in owner compensation.
Our bi-annual study on the financial performance of advisory firms provides industry benchmarks on advisory firm financials including common-sized income statements, balance sheet and key performance ratios.
The industry's first-ever succession planning study offers key strategies for increasing the transferability & value of your business, while also highlight financing and valuation options.
The 2013 InvestmentNews Adviser Technology Study provides actionable information to advisers, along with the latest solutions to help them drive profitability, efficiency and growth. This research solves for a critical need for independent advisers, given how fragmented the independent adviser business can be and the absence of a comprehensive resource for assessing the best practices and procedures of peers.

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