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August 22, 2016
BMO Global Asset Management
With advances in medical treatment and technology, your clients are living longer – and could potentially face major challenges from both a health and financial standpoint. Help clients prepare to live longer and be financially secure by having a conversation about the four keys to longevity.
Voya Investment Management
Beyond the overall planning essentials, a personal retirement solution must also confront the many uncertainties investors face and the market volatility that can often prompt suboptimal behavior. This white paper provides insight into Voya Investment Management's latest research including their proprietary Consistency Lens™ methodology, a unique application of six results-based factors that help to evaluate funds for consistency.
“The continued momentum behind the fees model is clear and increasing across the industry. At Cambridge, we continue to believe that the long-term goals for investing clients are often best served in fee-based programs, and a combination of fee and commission business is often the best model for advisors with an independent mindset.”– Amy Webber, President, Cambridge
Financial Marketing Pros
The key to growing your business is through generating more leads. It’s really that simple. You have an infinite number of options available to you with direct mail, broadcast or cable television, radio, online/digital, workshops, billboards, print, email marketing. And the list goes on. Here’s why financial advisors are killing it with local radio…
Many investors define risk narrowly in terms of market volatility. As a result, they have become more risk averse in recent years. In this white paper, we discuss the implication of increased risk aversion and share ideas for helping advisors expand their clients’ perception of risk beyond market volatility.
July 28, 2016
BlackRock, InvestmentNews Research
Advisory firms are facing a number of challenges – but some firms have demonstrated a clear path to success and their growth is outpacing the industry at a substantial clip. The new 2016 Elite RIA Study, conducted by InvestmentNews Research in partnership with BlackRock, Inc., focuses on the most successful firms in the financial advisory industry and provides an in-depth look at their strategic growth. Specifically, this year’s study focuses on how the industry’s top RIAs are approaching investment management, adopting technology strategies, staffing for growth and building a structure for success. Download today to take the first step in elevating your firm to “elite” or the next step in enhancing your status as one of the industry’s truly “elite” firms.
Charles Schwab
At some point in their careers, many veteran advisors feel as if their business has stalled. This white paper is for the financial advisor who may be considering a transition to fuel growth. Outlined are the key considerations advisors should take into account, with a focus on analyzing the advisor's unique approach to the business, the kind of support required and how seemingly similar broker-dealer models can differ.
Part I of a series of articles on working with ultra-high-net-worth clients from IMCA’s Investments & Wealth Monitor take a look at generational differences in the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) space, two industry thought leaders provide their perspectives on the UHNW space, and the cost involved in creating an UHNW practice. IMCA® is the professional association for advanced investment professionals.
Central banks efforts have resulted in inflated asset prices, increased market volatility and heavier debt loads that weigh on growth.
The 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms provides industry benchmarks on advisory firm financials including common-sized income statements, balance sheet and key performance ratios.
New standards for retirement accounts imposed by the Department of Labor will significantly affect not only traditional broker-dealers and registered investment advisers, but also the relatively new category of competitors known as robo-advisers.
Kestra Financial
Kestra Financial gives our independent financial advisors unmatched opportunities to grow their business through elite access, leading services, integrated technology and practice enrichment. Explore all of the industry leading and practice-enriching tools available to you through Kestra Financial.
Is your firm paying competitive compensation and employee benefits? Find out now by ordering the 2013 Compensation & Staffing Study, which highlights comprehensive compensation benchmarking data on 24 advisory firm job positions and outline current trends in owner compensation.
Our bi-annual study on the financial performance of advisory firms provides industry benchmarks on advisory firm financials including common-sized income statements, balance sheet and key performance ratios.
The industry's first-ever succession planning study offers key strategies for increasing the transferability & value of your business, while also highlight financing and valuation options.
The 2013 InvestmentNews Adviser Technology Study provides actionable information to advisers, along with the latest solutions to help them drive profitability, efficiency and growth. This research solves for a critical need for independent advisers, given how fragmented the independent adviser business can be and the absence of a comprehensive resource for assessing the best practices and procedures of peers.

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