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Investment Management Consultants Association
These articles from the Investments & Wealth Monitor focus on what's ahead for the new normal, investment management in the new normal, and a forward-looking approach to international equity risk allocation. Holding true to the Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA®) reputation as the provider of advanced financial education, these articles are a sample of the content found in IMCA's Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) credentials, conferences, membership, and publications.
Advisors Ahead
As you transition from student to professional, we want you to be ready to successfully present yourself and your abilities so you can attain your preferred opportunity. The interview is a critical first impression and will determine your continuing on a path towards an offer! From the first few moments, the interviewer will be imagining you in their company.will you look and feel like a part of their team, do you have the ability to learn and develop your skills, and will you add value and make an impact to their efforts?
T. Rowe Price
The bond markets have provided better-than-expected results this year as interest rates have fallen, but with fewer opportunities among sectors, investors should lookfor more modest returns in coming months.
Principal Management Corporation
This white paper, sponsored by Principal Funds, helps educate your clients on the potential benefits of using liquid alternatives in their portfolios. Included in the paper are definitions of common alternative strategies and an overview of different market environments in which each strategy is expected to perform.
November 14, 2014
RS Investments
An active approach focused on emerging markets small caps offers an array of potential benefits.
Janus Capital Group
Decades and indeed centuries have taught us that both inflation and deflation are the enemies of stability and growth, but knowing which one is just around the corner can be difficult. Read what Bill Gross has to say about inflation in his latest investment outlook from Janus.
Nuveen Asset Management
Today's bond market looks quite different than a generation ago. Sources of return have evolved and strategies that used to work are no longer effective. We believe three fundamental changes - a broadening investment universe, the changing nature of fixed income benchmarks and falling interest rates - mean investors should rely on a flexible, actively managed approach that is nimble enough to identify market opportunities as they develop.
One symptom of the sub-par performance of the global economy-both developed and emerging-is the stagnation of world trade over the past three years. This has primarily reflected weak domestic brand in the US and Europe, but it has also had serious consequences for the expert-led economies of the emerging world, particularly China.
On the technology front, the past 50 years have seen a whole host of shifts-from the birth of the personal computer and the advent of the Internet to the smartphone boom. In the late 1990s, Commonwealth saw that technology would play a major role in the future of the financial advisory business, a vision that led us to develop our groundbreaking 360° suite of technology tools.
Determining an appropriate withdrawal rate in retirement is an issue that should be discussed and decided upon by the adviser and the client, working together. That decision ultimately should rest on issues such as the client's assets, responsibilities, health and expectations for retirement.
Investment management firms have proceeded with caution on mobile technology. Now, their clients and employees are driving change, compelling firms to figure out their mobile strategies and policies.
As your client base ages, you will likely encounter someone with this fatal brain disease. In fact, research estimates that advisors serve, on average, seven clients living with Alzheimer's disease.
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