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The Takeaway: The best fund firm nobody talks about, Wells' 'training fee' case and more

By Downtown Josh Brown

Nov 14, 2012 @ 11:03 am (Updated 4:45 pm) EST


2013 stock market outlook: buying in a low risk environment. (Chris Perruna)

Why do savvy investors love Dodge & Cox mutual funds so much? (Morningstar)


The wirehouses are leaning hard on their equity sales guys as yet another line of business fades into obsolescence. (Financial Planning)

Cerulli: "Dollars in ETFs to reach $1.33 trillion at the end of this year and rise as high as $3.45 trillion in 2016." (Investment News)

LPL is now recruiting wholesale, adds 50 reps with a billion in AUM in one shot. (AdvisorOne)

Michael Kitces explains the IRS deductions allowed for investment management fees. (Nerd's Eye View)

Schwab's IMPACT conference gets underway... (Financial Planning)


Another disgusting "training fee" case, this one at Wells Fargo. (Broke and Broker)


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