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The Takeaway: Brokerages gone wild, and other horror stories

By Josh Brown

Jan 22, 2013 @ 10:33 am (Updated 11:35 am) EST


Escaping the Fear Factory as we enter into the post-crisis era. (The Reformed Broker)

Alliance Bernstein: This is it, the breakout is real. (Context)

Are Mom and Pop headed back to Wall Street? (WSJ) and (Investment News)

The Street's number one Apple bull sees an iPhone sales number way above consensus for Q4. (Street Insider)

The Biz

Bankers return to Davos, with fur hats and without a care in the world. (New York Times)

How Goldman Sachs beat the Volcker Rule. (Fortune)

Hedge fund managers and bankers jump into a freezing lake. You crazy, London. (Bloomberg)

Turns out these are the six things clients want most out of their financial advisors: (Financial Planning)


Some brokerage horror stories the public will never hear of. (Interloper)


Disclaimer: Joshua Brown is an investment advisor representative with Fusion Analytics. The content above is for informational purposes only, nothing here should ever be construed as investment advice or a solicitation to trade any securities. Mr. Brown or his firm may be long or short securities mentioned above for client or personal accounts at any time.

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Jul 24 09:15AM
You already know! RT @voxdotcom: Herbalife may not be a Ponzi scheme. But its science is definitely garbage.
Jul 24 09:09AM
Monthly: dollar cost avging! RT @mandiwoodruff: Should you make a lump sum IRA investment or monthly contributions?

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