The three Cís of successful adviser messaging

Jun 9, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Pershing managing director Kim Dellarocca lays out the three critical parts of successful adviser messaging, or as she puts it, the three C's.

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[MUSIC] When I think about, an, an advisors business I think of, of three c's when it comes to messaging. So you want consistency, you wanna think about the channel, and you wanna think about the content. Consistency, one thing you want to be consistent about is, if you have beautiful office space, you should also have a beautiful digital presence and you should have really great content that resonates really well with your audience. And you should know what channels they use. So, I myself, Gen X, tend to use LinkedIn, FaceBook. But, you know, Millenials, is using InstaGram. So if I am concerned about building a relationship early with a younger person, a high school student or a child of, of my client, how am I using, something like InstaGram to communicate financial literacy concepts and use it as a financial education tool? Other digital tools that advisors should have in their arsenal would be, tools that help investors collaborate better with them. So, you know, [UNKNOWN], when it, we've, we've all gotten used to, as consumers, of doing a lot ourselves. You don't necessarily wanna pick up the phone and call your advisor when you have a simple thing to do like change your address. So advisors should think about those things, you know, certainly in terms of their own productivity but more so in terms of their inves, empowering their investors to work the way they wanna work. That way they can spend the most of their time having the most valuable conversations for them and their investor. And I think when we think about robotechnology it's interesting and it's, and it may be very good as, you know, funding initial accounts or people just getting started investing and, a lot of good learning content there for sure. I think though when, as clients lives get more complex, and you start getting into estate planning, and tax, you need a, a person across from you who can emote with you, and share emotions, and help you make difficult decisions that estate planning and those types of things, that go into real complex financial planning. And that's where humans will always have an advantage. [MUSIC]


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