Late night TV is joining Climate Week NYC Episode 18

Episode Summary

Climate Week NYC kicks off Sept. 20 and Helen Clarkson, the CEO of host Climate Group, joins the podcast to describe some of the week’s 500 events aimed at “getting things done.” She tells Liz and Steve about the need to start making changes to avoid the most catastrophic climate impacts. Clarkson also describes some refreshing optimism on this global issue.

Episode Notes

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • Climate Week NYC returning for a 13th year with some live events, all aimed at driving action on climate from governments and businesses
  • How Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, etc.  are coordinating  to promote climate action
  • NY Gov. Kathy Hochul and other guests will showcase what companies and technologies are doing
  • How listeners can attend Climate Week NYC live in New York Sept. 20 – 24
  • Why China and the U.S. are making organizer Helen Clarkson more optimistic about avoiding catastrophic climate change

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Guest bio: 

Helen Clarkson, CEO of Climate Group, the international nonprofit that’s hosting Climate Week NYC in conjunction with the UN General Assembly 

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Morningstar's global director of sustainability research, Hortense Bioy, joins Liz and Steve for a wide-ranging conversation focused on the differences between the well-established ESG markets of the EU and Asia, and the relative newcomer, the United States. Regulatory variations between the three markets are also discussed, especially how those regulations will impact the markets.
Episode 22 October 22, 2021
The Department of Labor recently released its long-expected proposal detailing the use of ESG funds and methods in 401(k) retirement plans. Emile Hallez discusses what this means for ESG and for retirement plans. We also speak with Careen Abb, SDG and Impact program lead for the U.N. Environment Program Financial Initiative.
Episode 21 October 15, 2021
In this episode, Liz and Steve talk with lifelong educator and entrepreneur Mike Chodroff, who is launching a new fellowship to train the next generation of sustainable business creators. We also hear from a current entrepreneur (and former guest on the pod) Laura Zapata, whose solar power offset company, Clearloop, was just acquired by Silicon Ranch.
Episode 20 October 01, 2021
RBC's new $11 million impact investing fund seeks to support under-resourced communities in New Mexico
Episode 19 September 24, 2021
If the economic transition to net zero isn't done in a just and equitable way, it will not be done at all, according to many speakers at Climate Week NYC. Liz and Steve attend the event and also interview Dickon Pinner, the global head of sustainability for McKinsey & Co.
Episode 18 September 17, 2021
Climate Week NYC kicks off Sept. 20 and Helen Clarkson, the CEO of host Climate Group, joins the podcast to describe some of the week's 500 events aimed at "getting things done." She tells Liz and Steve about the need to start making changes to avoid the most catastrophic climate impacts. Clarkson also describes some refreshing optimism on this global issue.
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Pushing companies to do better for the environment through shareholder advocacy is leading to real results from heavyweights like JPMorgan Chase and Procter & Gamble. Annalisa Tarizzo joins the podcast to discuss her work and the critical connection between biodiversity and the health of our economy.
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Liz and Steve investigate the investments and projects that will help the world’s cities evolve by 2030, when an estimated 5 billion people will be residing in them. Anjali Mahendra at World Resources Institute describes the benefits of tying investment priorities to development goals and Derek Ballantyne of New Market Funds explains the opportunities for affordable housing projects and how advisers are the key to putting impact investments in the hands of retail investors.
Episode 10 July 09, 2021
How can quality jobs reduce inequalities? Sarah Bratton Hughes at Schroders lays out the concept and Ana Herzog joins the podcast from Brazilian retail giant Magazine Luiza (also called Magalu), which implemented a bold strategy to increase the number of Black Brazilians in its upper management.
Episode 9 June 25, 2021
Deploying capital for sustainable economic development projects and system retrofits around the globe is key to implementation, adviser Erika Karp and climate investor/philanthropist Ibrahim AlHusseini agree. Catherine Von Burg talks about the challenges of operating a business executing on the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.
Episode 8 June 18, 2021
World Tree is a business and impact investment that provides farmers growing Empress Trees with a sustainable living, while also providing giant carbon sinks for the world. Financial adviser Max Mintz describes the financing and how it's helped business development at his firm, while farmer Kim Martens explains to Liz and Steve what it feels like to watch your dream coming true.
Episode 7 June 11, 2021
Former Gov. Phil Bredesen pairs with other Tennesseans to start Clearloop, an innovative company developing solar energy projects in the South using crowdsourced carbon offsets.
Episode 6 June 04, 2021
The amount of money the poor pay in healthcare, lost wages, and lost economic opportunity in order to access water is nearly equal to the amount needed to solve the problem. WaterEquity, co-founded by actor Matt Damon, has an innovative way of unlocking investor dollars to focus on solutions for the poor while providing solid returns.
Episode 5 May 28, 2021
Adviser Patricia Ferrar-Rivas describes how gender lens investments can focus on improving the lives of women or on supporting companies and other organizations that embrace equitable leadership and ownership, while Sapna Shah of the GIIN explains the business case for incorporating a gender lens within a portfolio.
Episode 4 May 21, 2021
Finding and funding new ways to set our students up for success
Episode 3 May 14, 2021
SDG #3. How Covid-19 stalled progress toward the goal of good health and how Cross Border Impact Ventures, a Canadian VC firm, is working to fix it.
Episode 2 May 07, 2021
Eliminating hunger requires a focus on producing and distributing healthy food sustainably, and at a cost everyone can afford. Hear how innovative entrepreneurs are putting impact investing to work tackling SDG #3.
Episode 1 April 30, 2021
SDG #1: No Poverty. Capital Good Fund is working to eliminate poverty by disbursing financial tools and technical assistance to individuals who use those in life-changing ways.